New Makeup Focus: The Morphe Pro 8C Cool Pro & 8W Warm Master Blush Palettes

Blush (next to highlighter only) is probably one of my favorite makeup products for the face and Morphe has come out with several new blush palettes that were precede by bestsellers in the first and original 9N “The Naturally Blushed Palette” with five shades mostly in warm/nude and blush tones & the 9B “Blushed Blush”second palette with 8 shades in more red and coral warm/cool toned shades.

The second set of blushes that launched together this past April   are two palettes the Morphe 8C Pro Cool Palette & the 8W Warm Matte Palettes.  They each have 8 pans with the 8C Cool Palette being in pinks, plums, roses, and raspberries (from left to right first row) called “Sexy” (a sugared peach), “It Girl” (a matte ballerina pink), “Free” (a cotton candy pink), “Hot” (a matte fuschia), “Driven”(a shimmering rose), “Ego” (a gilded copper), “Drama” (a twinkling amethyst), and “Queen” (a matte raspberry).  My favorites of this one are “Free” in a soft pink matte you could layer with a shimmer in “Driven” in a coral pink or “Ego” a brown rose shimmer that would look great together.

The second 8W Warm Matte Palette that are mostly in shades of peaches, corals, ambers, and apricots (from left to right) titled “Sweet” (a matte apricot), “Babe” (a lustrous peach), “Witty” (a gilded grapefruit), “Beat” (is a glitzy coral), “Goals” (a matte pinky punch), “Unapologetic” (a matte burnt ginger), “MUA” (is a matte toasted amber), “Provocation” (a matte poppy).  I think my favorites of the whole palette are “Goals” that is such a great fresh and bright shade for Spring, “Sweet” that is a beautiful soft natural billable matte, and the two shimmers of the three in it are “Beat” and “Witty” both gorgeous and glowing coral orange shades.

They both are super pigmented with high color payoff and in a really good varied range of shades that fit many skin tones and are priced at $20.00 a palette with a good amount of product in pretty good size pans in each palette in the same notorious hard plastic black sturdy (actually probably more sturdy and solid than the other flat black circle pan eyeshadow palettes of the original black plastic palettes they have).  To apply just use one of the blushes recommended by Morphe in the R14 Round and M427 tapered duo brushes and tap off some of the product on the back of your hand to avoid using too much pigment on first applying it on your face and put a big round non-blended circle on your cheek.

So, I would definitely recommend these blush palettes to anyone excitedly and as definitely one to buy and chalk it up to yet another great makeup product by Morphe to them and well worth the purchase to add to their collection!




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