Highlighter Focus: The New Morphe X Bretman Rock Collaboration “Babe In Paradise” Highlighter Palette

Morphe has really been stepping up the game with all the new makeup launching recently in the the new “High Impact” Highlighters” and the new 8C “Cool Pro” & 8W “Warm Masters” blush palettes and now with the launch of the “Babe In Paradise” Highlighter X Morphe palette collaboration that was recently out this past March 17, 2018 with the very popular, brave, and incredibly funny Bretman Rock from Los Angeles who is one of the most loved beauty Youtubers with over 3 million subscribers, as well as other social media platforms like Instagram which initially shot him into “stardom” with a video clip of contouring (his talent in the makeup area because of insecurities brought on by being bullied because of his nose) known for having a really outgoing and humorous personality combined with his “you do you boo” attitude encouraging people to embrace their originality, while ignoring the judgement of others and not letting it get to you or the haters stopping you from achieving your goals.

Some of the companies in the beauty industry that noticed him were companies like Morphe, Nubounsom Lashes, Velvet Caviar Sunglasses, Eyeris Beauty Lashes, White With Style Teeth Brightening System which resulted in affiliations, sponsorships, collaborations for products as well as guest appearances and tours throughout the U.S. including, various national media guest spots on  KITV4 Streaming t.v.  It also didn’t hurt that he had some of the most popular and successful beauty gurus in the industry like Jeffrey Starr, Patrick Starr, Jaclyn Hill, and Manny Mua as friends.

There were also interviews with beauty magazines like the well known beauty/magazine resource Allure Magazine to promote launching “Babe In Paradise” Highlighter.  Allure magazine quotes his life style principles like “putting your family first”, “shut down the haters”, “believe in miracles”, “don’t be afraid to experiment with your look”, “make time to give back”, and “be proud of who you are”.  They all describe his philosophies for success in life that have lead him up to where he is now and with the recent launch of his new highlighter palette and brush collection with Morphe.

The highlighter palette itself has a beachy theme that shows the creative spin on his Polonysian culture. The palette itself has sturdy cardboard packaging with foiled embossed letters with the big “M” for Morphe and is decorated with Hawaiian palm trees and tropical foliage containing six pans of product each 0.99/28 g in summer bronzy nude shades that would go with many different skin tones but I think caters more to darker skin and ethnic skin tones. The shades are in the bronzy, nude, rose range with really cute character filled names that go along with Bretman’s personality like “Bebeh Gurl” (a sheer icy champagne pink), “Vaygation” (a nude/champagne gold highlight; not wet look” highlight as Bretman would say), “Mahu” (a deep true gold), “Get Lei’d“ (a sheer tan gold), “Cheehoo” (a deep rose gold), “Shady Bitch” (a deep gold antiquey bronze).  It also comes with a nice fan brush that you can purchase to use with the palette that is a bamboo with gold foiled lettering.

The formula of the highlighters is super pigmented and buttery which all makeup addicts and artists know is the hallmark of a great highlighter.  They are each uniquely colored which brings good variety to the palette for many different makeup looks.  “Behbeh Gurl” has a unique duochrome pink shift to it (that surprised me when I swatched it), and  “Mahu” is a pure true classic gold.  “Shady Bitch” is really pigmented as well as being a different kind of bronze shade from any others I’ve seen before (only being close in color to the Cargo Cosmetics waterproof bronzer with that amber/copper kind of glow) and is probably best for darker skin tones as Bretman commented of the last two darker highlighter shades in the palette in his palette introduction video on the Morphe cosmetics site.  The “Babe In Paradise” palette is priced at $29.00 and for the quality is well worth it.

I am SO impressed with this palette and how beautiful and original it is.  Bretman has done a great job in this palette that as usual also has the well known Morphe quality for price reputation.  As a summer palette or any other season year round I would definitely recommend this palette!


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