New Makeup Focus Review: The Laura Lee Los Angeles Cosmetics “Nudie Patootie” Eyeshadow Palette

The new palette and second one after “Cats Pajamas” is “Cutie Patootie” that recently launched this past April 30th and in my opinion, a prettier one in neutrals of nude and blush shades (there are ivories, peaches, taupes, camels, chocolates, golds, champagnes, and a black/brown to deepen and smoke your looks) mostly with a couple pops of color and shimmer as well as couple of glitter and foiled shades.  It also has some good transitional colors with lots of room to create different makeup looks.  It has gotten mixed reviews but mostly launched with popular positive reviews in most makeup arenas with both professionals and makeup lovers.

Laura Lee is a makeup lover and beauty Youtuber gone beauty guru who started out as a full time medical student by day while going to business school at night with dreams of starting a makeup business to share her love of makeup and help others to do the same in creating their own amazing makeup looks.  She is known for her quirky, funny, different , and down to earth personality that won the hearts of many subscribers in social media.  Laura Lee and the Laura Lee brand describes herself and the company as “a quality lovable brand made possible by her loving family, friends, and subscribers”.  It is also vegan and cruelty free company.  Laura says the palette is for every makeup lover at any level of skill from novice to professional.

It comes with a total of 14 shades in rose gold sturdy cardboard packaging with a good quality mirror in gold embossed lettering with the Laura Lee Los Angeles emblem on it.  It is priced at $45.00 which is the usual price for most high end palettes now in the beauty industry.

The fourteen shades top row in the palette from left to right are “Stark” (a shimmer ivory white), “Undressed” (a matte honey nude), “Topless” (a shimmer chrome pink with gold reflective properties), “Streaking” (a matte dark bisque), “Uncover” (a soft shimmery pearl champagne), “Strip” (a matte golden mustard), “Bare” (a matte salmon), 2nd row from left to right; “Exposed” (a shimmery pewter), “Au Natural” (a royal bronze foil with gold reflects), “Reveal” (a matte taupe brown), “Jaybird” (a fiery copper foil with gold reflective), “Butt Naked” (a matte warm brown), “Buff” (a rich chocolate shimmer), “Nakey Nakey” (a matte dark black/brown).

On swatching the palette all of the shadows are very pigmented.  The mattes are very pigmented with the 3 shimmers being a little less pigmented than I had thought they would be but with “Topless” being the most pigmented of the three and richest in color and smoothest.  I honestly was disappointed in the foiled shadow “Firebird” which is a gorgeous fiery orange color but a little chunky with some flyaway so using Fix Plus or some kind of glitter glue base would stop that.  The other foiled shadow called “Au Naturale” I  love and was so impressed with the golden bronze color and smoothness (not as chunky as “Firebird” with no flyaway). One of the shades I love and was pleasantly surprised by is “Buff” with it’s highly pigmented formula and such a rich cranberry chocolate color with a slight hint of sparkle in it and I think one of the prettiest shades in the palette.  I also think that it’s a palette better suited for lighter and medium skin tones although Nakey Nakey, Firebird, Au Natural, and Topless would hold up well to many dark skin tones and you could deepen your eye look with the darker shades by applying more than one shadow layering them for more intensity.

All in all, I think the “Nudie Patootie” Palette is a good one despite some of the controversy around when it first launched.  The colors are beautiful and except for using a couple of makeup techniques for a couple of foiled shadows in the palette for better performance it’s an easy palette to use.  It has a good mix of everything to create many different neutral and nude eyeshadow looks.  So have fun creating summer, bridal, daytime/nighttime, or soft romantic looks and more with the Laura Lee Los Angeles Palette!

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