Summer Highlighter Focus: Anastasia Beverly Hills’s New “Dream” Glow Kit Highlighter Palette

Anastasia of Beverly Hills has come out with yet another gorgeous highlighter palette in the series of the glow kits with the fourth one just launching this past April 22, 2018 called the “Dream” Glow Kit that is in with the current trend of unicorn and mermaid makeup that has most cosmetics companies in a hurry to come up with creative ideas to include them in their lines.

When I first saw this palette it was one I had to purchase for the beauty as well as for its creative colors that are the “unicorn/mermaid” makeup shades recently with its magical fairy like look and ethereal glow than just the more traditional colors of rose, gold, silver, or peach.  Also, for the quality in cosmetic products that makeup lovers and professionals have come to know and love.

Anastasia Beverly Hills first became known for its clean and polished “eyebrow look” (using the “Golden Ratio” eyebrow shaping method) in the beauty and cosmetics industry which started out solely as Anastasia Soare, a Romanian born beauty entrepreneur and CEO that opened her first flagship salon in 1997 in Los Angeles, California with her first product line to follow in 2000.  It started a “brow revolution” with its philosophy of “our eye     intrinsically trained to spot divine proportion and immediately associate it with beauty and harmony”.   She became very well known in the entertainment industry receiving high accolades worldwide from some of the biggest beauty and cosmetic companies like Sephora and Macy’s, etc…  Anastasia has become more well known as well as becoming a leader in the beauty industry and carrying products they have also become well known for like their contour palette, liquid lipstick, foundations, eyeshadows, and previously award winning “Brow Wiz” products.  They have also become very supportive and popular especially with up and coming makeup artists, beauty gurus, social media influencers offering affiliations and ABH Pro discount memberships as well as sending makeup products from their line to get them started for work and help supply their makeup artist kits.

The palette comes with six shades in it with a good amount of product in each pan and made of sturdy sparkling cardboard packaging.  The six shades are (from left to right first row) “Wish” (a pearl base with violet sparkles), “Unicorn” (a lavender-pink with sparkle clusters), “Magic” (an icy base with kaleidoscope clusters of red, gold, pink, and blue), “Ethereal” (a cool-toned lavender duo chrome w/blue reflectional sparkle), “Sunshine” (a lavender gold shift), “Regal” (a golden-pink base w/ a light kaleidoscope cluster of pink, gold, and blue sparkles).  The price for the palette is $45.00 and as said before ther is an A23 brush (the same brush that have had for awhile that it recommended for their highlighter products which I’ve heard so many good things about from all that used it for highlighters.  It runs for $25.00.  However, with or without that brush I’m sur you could use you favorite highlight or fan brush that would work just as well.

When I swatched them they are the same quality of formula we’ve come to know from ABH and are smooth, buttery, and highly pigmented with high color payoff and a few surprises in some that shift to different colors with duochrome sparkle.  My favorites are (top row), “Magic” (a beautiful light pink/opal magical shimmer), “Unicorn” (a really beautiful bright sparkling pink, “Regal” (a unique sparkling light peach gold that is like none other I have seen before but very beautiful.  That last one I liked the most would be “Sunshine” (a classic pure bright sun like gold).  The one shade “Ethereal” in the palette which was one of the shades I was drawn to the most because of my love for purples and lavenders, I was a little disappointed in that it was more light pink toned than a  lavender shade.  Be careful with the formula because it can be fragile because of how soft and buttery it is with some flyaway.

All in all, the colors are unique and are great for so many looks for summer and festivities like Coachella, etc… that have such a magical fairy look to them that I think would be great for anyone who wants to explore their inner “unicorn” or anytime, anywhere, or whatever occasion!


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