New Summer Makeup Focus: Urban Decay’s “Bleached” Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Cosmetics has been a high quality brand that I have always loved ever since I purchased the Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette a few years ago when it launched in December of 2013 and now with the release of yet another beautiful eyeshadow palette in the recently launched “Bleached Palette” Limited Edition summer palette this past May as part of the summer collection.

It is not one of the overly advertised and marketed brands but a cosmetic line who’s quality speaks for itself.  Urban Decay is described as “beauty with an edge” that is “feminine, dangerous, and fun as well being a high quality/high performance makeup that encourages women to be creative, bold, and to practice individual creative expression in their makeup style that broke out of the nineties and it’s pink/beige toned trends and introduced a new edgier trend in cosmetics with emphasis on new daring colors like smogs, rusts, smokes, “oil slicks”, and “acid rain” shades.

Urban Decay is a cosmetics line that is well known among makeup addicts and professional makeup artists alike with award winning eyeliners in the “24/7 Glide-on pencils (40 shades), the legendary makeup setting sprays like the “All Nighter Long-Lasting and “Chill” Makeup Setting Sprays, natural skin looking “Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup” foundations, and more recently more expanded color range in the “Vice Lipstick” line.

Urban Decay was co-founded by Wende Zomnir (a Texas native) and Chief Creative Officer who started the company based in Orange County, California and is now a flagship store in 2015 and started the “Ultra Violet Edge”  programs with much of the proceeds and profits from products sold, going to women empowerment programs like the “Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (an art program), “Her Justice” (a safety and legal support resource program against domestic violence), “Laura’s House” (a safe house for domestic violence victims), and “C.R.I.S.I.S. (a support for the homeless shelter and resource center, just to name a few.

The “Bleached Palette” is priced at $34.00 and filled with 8 beautiful beach and summer friendly shades to create several different makeup looks that will give you the “feel of a hot summer night” They are “Salt” (an ivory stain), “Heatwave” (a metallic rust), “16th Street” (metallic bronze-gold, “Plunge” (a deep metallic blue-green), “Blaze” (a light metallic peach with a pink shift), “Daybreak” (a deep reddish terra cotta matte), “Double Dip” (a bright metallic teal), and “Wedge” (a deep metallic copper-brown).  These shadows have the same long-lasting no budge proof ( tested by Wende’ through snowboarding, surfing, and yoga activities herself) and summer proof “Pigment Infusion System patented formula that is velvety texture, rich in color, with superior blend-ability and high pigmentation.  “Bleached” was created with summer in mind by global makeup artist professional Steve Kassajhian.

The packaging of the Bleached palette is really cute with a pretty beachy summer look covered in palms and ombré blue shades with gold Urban Decay embossed lettering.  When I swatched the shadows they are the same as always from the Urban Decay’s shadows with the same buttery smooth high pigment formula and unique color palette that made Urban Decay that “beauty with an edge” one of a kind cosmetic line.  In my opinion this is one of the best palettes of the summer as well as having some additional products in summery colors to accentuate the palette in 3 “Bleached Vice Lipsticks” in the shades “Tower 1” (a golden sparkly pink), “100 degrees (a bright coral pink), “Heatwave” (a metallic rust), and a “24/7 Glide on Eyeliner Pencil” in “Goldmine” (a pure gold shimmer that goes with all the shades of the palette and can be used as a lip topper.  Although it is not a large palette it has a few neutral transitional matte shades to balance out some of the really gorgeous pops of bright “sunset colors” that fit the summer color scheme of typical summer colors and the creativity to mix and match more than one look for the summer season.


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