Beauty Brand Discovery Focus: “Cargo Cosmetics”

The brand Cargo Cosmetics I kind of discovered or came across by accident while looking for waterproof bronzers for a summer post for my blog when the Allure Beauty Box subscription also came for that month.  In it there was a “Swimmables Longwear Eyeshadow Stick” in the color “Glacier Bay” that I was really impressed with and how creamy it was in such a beautiful light champagne-gold shade.  I was so impressed with it’s buttery smooth and ultra-pigmented formula that right then and there I decided that I would be back to purchase more!  Not only would it be the ideal makeup to have for my professional kit for different jobs where water events, sports events, working out, weddings, and graduations are going on (and tearful life events where waterproof makeup is a must for those emotional days) but also for myself personally it’s so good!

The Cargo Cosmetics line started in 1996 with an emphasis on professionalism and the philosophy that they wanted to portray with their line that “makeup can be simple and have professional results being makeup that all women could use no matter what level they were in in the makeup world that would be the easiest to achieve for all women (novice or professional) with innovative looks and a nod to the free spirited independent traveler with cosmetics that support their lifestyle, with looks that can be achievable to whatever environment, various financial and professional levels of traveling working women, or every use of it that a women that works from home can use as well; Cargo fits all lifestyles.  It has “award winning” products, formulation, and innovative packaging with tried and true testing without compromising quality.

When I ordered the Cargo Cosmetics “Water Resistent Bronzer” they sent four “Swimmables Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils” in the colors “02 Pebble Beach (a chocolate brown), “01 Black Sea” (a creamy charcoal-black), “09 Karon Beach” (a eggplant purple), “04 Lochness” (a dark Nblue).  I was really impressed with the creaminess of the pencils and the waterproof staying power that they have so I bought another one to include in the post called “07 Lake Geneva” (a beautiful for summer pop of color in an azure blue-green-shimmer).  Another thing that came with the bronzer was one of the Swimmable’s “Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks” in “Glacier Bay” which is a gorgeous light yellow golden-pink colored pencil and also very creamy, pigmented, and is a smudge/water/sweat proof formula that really does what is says and has great staying power through all the events it mentions (my testing was more pool and shower activity) that could also double as a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones and blended in with a beauty blender or, that could be put on top of your brow bone or inner corner highlight for an illuminated look.

The Bronzer itself was one of the prettiest bronzers I think I have ever seen.  It is an amber golden-tan shimmer that is so pigmented, smooth, and creamy with such a gorgeous soft glow to it (although it does come in sturdy tin packaging be careful not to jolt it around because it can break easily.  It’s still usable, wearable, and gorgeous used with a highlighter brush in loose form).  Mine broke when I accidentally dropped the bronzer and it shattered when it hit the ground.  It is a perishable product so just be careful with it.  It really stays and lasts through swimming, water activities, sports, and wedding festivities or anything you plan on doing that has anything to do with water, etc…, and holds really well for hours at a time.  I swam around all day in the pool off and on and it didn’t budge.  In fact it was still there when I went in to take a shower at the end of the day so it definitely lives up to the name of “longwear, tearproof, waterproof, sweat proof, and smudge proof.  Needless to say I went back and bought one of the “Swimmables Water Resistant Blushes” (there are also non-swimmable regular formula blushes in seven shades) in the the shade “Bali” (a gorgeous rose-pink multidimensional semi-matte shimmer) that is really beautiful.  They also carry “Beach Blush” which is a powder blush formula in four shades/stripes that are an illuminating blush/bronzer in one that can multi-task all over the face as a blush, eyeshadow, a brow bone highlighter, and/or a bronzer.  Besides those products in the line they also have other products in the “Swimmable’s” that are great for summer/waterproof makeup, etc…

Some of the other products in the line I want to try are the 8 shades of “Swimmable’s” new foundations that are also waterproof and sweat proof as well as weightless and buildable (probably best applied with a damp beauty sponge) that are priced at $34.00.  There is also a waterproof mascara for $26.00, 3 shades of Swimmables “Water Resistant Blushes” (and seven shades of non-swimmable regular formula) in the colors “Bali” (a medium rose pink), “Los Cabo’s” (a soft tangerine), and “Ibizia” (a shimmering hot pink) that are very beautiful.  They are priced at $28.00.

There are also “Swimmable’s Longwear Matte Liquid Lip Kits” in four shades (sold together as a travel set) and lip liner in the shades “Jaipur”, “Moscow”, “Canaria”, and “Oahu”.  They are described as comfortable lightweight and smudge proof.  The liquid lipsticks run for $22.50.  The liners run for $18.00.  There are also swimmables product for the eyebrows in three shades of dark, medium, and light with a spoolie that is the same waterproof, smudgeproof, and sweatproof for $20.00.  There are also “Beach Blush Color Sticks in the 5 shades, “Maui”, “Champagne” (which I bought and is a beautiful beige-pink champagne shade that I really like) “Key West” “St. Tropez”, and “Santorini”.

All the award winning and accolades received by Cargo for their cosmetic products that come in really innovative and really cute, creative packaging that have the look and feel of an island cargo dock by the sea.  This a great and creative cosmetics line and probably one of the best I have ever seen for waterproof, sweat proof, and smudge proof, and tear proof.  Definitely try this line; you will not be disappointed!!



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