New Summer Makeup Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills “Norvina” Eyeshadow Palette

The first created Norvina Eyeshadow Palette just launched July 17, 2018 caught my eye right away and I was told this For one thing purple is my favorite color, but when I saw all the beautiful shimmers and mattes in various shades of purple and the other complimentary shades to them in pinks, roses, golds, and peaches as well as the matte ivories, milk chocolates, red-brown, taupe, and camel browns, I knew it was one I had to purchase and also showcase as a post on my beauty blog (it also came with a new Liquid Lip shade called “Violet”  that I didn’t purchase).  Anastasia describes the palette as “an essential 14 shade eye shadow palette featuring Norvina’s go to shades ranging from bold and bright mattes to soft pastel shimmers” (also cruelty-free and vegan).

In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful eyeshadow palettes Anastasia Beverly Hills has put out to date.  The colors are very soft and colorful with a playful romantic feel and kind of a bright sunset vibe too.  There are plenty of  transition shades to create multiple  different looks whether its daytime with sheer daytime pastels or dark enough in shade for deepening a smokey eye or nighttime look.  “It is a full pigment formula that’s easy to blend with a duo chrome and metallic pigment Luxe finishing with a large mirror and the typical double-ended blending brush included in the other palettes.  It comes in the same hard fuzzy cardboard like the “Renaissance Palette” did only all lavender-purple and is priced at $42.00.

Ever since it has been seen and teased on social media and other avenues in the beauty advertising market plus being Norvina’s first palette, it’s release has been highly anticipated.  The shades are really gorgeous and compliment each other that can create a lot of beautiful different looks.  I wouldn’t say it was a “summer palette” but definitely festive, fun and reflects Norvina’s colorful and outgoing personality.

The shades (from left to right top row) are “Dreamer” (a metallic pink-champagne), “Summer” a foiled metallic golden-kind of “antiquey”), “Wild Child” (a duochrome frosty pink with magenta shift; kind of peach pink-gold), “Rose Gold” (a metallic rosewood), “Celestial” (a duochrome plum with w/ violet shift), “Dazzling” (a cool tone duochrome bronze with violet shift), “Drama” (a duo chrome aubergine w/ a cool bronze shift); 2nd row (from left to right) “Base” (a matte eggshell), “Soul” (a matte wisteria), “Incense” (a matte dusty terra cotta), “Love” (a matte mid-tone cool pink), “Volatile” (a matte warm charcoal), (a matte dark burnt-orange), “Passion” (a matte deep garnet).

My favorite shades are “Dreamer”, “Celestial”, “Wild Child”, “Rose Gold”, and “Drama” (Ok!  I’m partial to shimmers and glow).  Going in to swatch them I was excited because of the colors with some of them being purple (my favorite color of life) and when I say “purple”, I do mean all shades and versions there of in the shades of purple like lavenders, plums, and lilacs.  Also, any purple or the complimentary shades that accentuate the shades of the purple in the palette (and I promise you there are enough possible glorious pairings for you to comfortably put together multiple creative gorgeous looks.  So, (not to be negative or put any bias either way about the palette so that you can make your own opinion about it when if you buy the palette but this is a review) I honestly have to say I was a little disappointed when I first dipped my fingers into the shadows to make swatches.  The first color was “Wild Child” (gorgeous and one of my favorite shades) it was so fragile it started to come out of the pan.  It also did this with the rest of the several shadows that I swatched (and I really was being careful with the shadows because I never know what the formulas are going to be like.  I had to “clean up the sides around the pan with and kind of push back in the pan the shadow that had “spilled” out of the sides.  Also, when I put my MAC 217 Blending Brush into some of the other eyeshadow pans there was a lot of “kick back”.  The shimmers, (except “Dreamer”) and some of the semi-metallics were a bit flaky (or would kind of clump together both with fingers and brush).  The mattes (that are VERY pigmented and rich in color, especially “Passion”, “Love”, and “Base” were better but still had a bit of “kick back” with both finger using a brush as well.  I had a lot better results with the shadows when I put some MAC Fix Plus (I also used water and a favorite setting spray) on my blending brush.  With some of the shimmers and metallics I also tried Two Faced Cosmetics Glitter Glue Shadow Primer and the results and color pay off was AMAZING!!  Using these materials with the shadows made all the difference in the world (not everyone may feel they need to use water, glitter glue, or setting spray depending on what look they’re going for).  The colors were more true, the staying power was great making the shadows feel/seem locked in place, and the shimmer/metallic color pay off was so good they almost looked like liquid metal with a few of them that’s how intensified the shades looked.  It really made all the difference making them just “pop” with color (this may sound corny but some of the shimmers and metallics were breathtaking and really did make my mouth drop open).

I definitely think this palette is really beautiful and would recommend it.  The norvina palette makes it possible to create many different looks no matter what the skin tone and I think it’s one of Anastasia Beverly Hills’s most beautiful eyeshadow palettes to date.

So, have fun experimenting and wearing the Norvina palette with what’s left of the summer!  Actually, I personally can’t wait to try this palette for the Holiday season for some extra festive and gorgeous looks!



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