End of Summer Makeup Focus: Tarte’s “To Be A Mermaid & Make Waves” Palette

Summer collections (especially mermaid themed cosmetics which I can honestly say I wasn’t real thrilled with initially thinking that like the trending unicorn themed makeup it was kind of gimmicky, but they’ve grown on me for summer; especially Tarte’s) from cosmetics companies have been hitting hard right now as usual with the summer season being one of the biggest launch seasons of the year second only to the Christmas holiday season for the beauty industry.

One of the first summer collection palettes to come out (this past March) is from Tarte Cosmetics’s with it’s “To Be A Mermaid & Make Waves” Eyeshadow Palette.  The palette is also one of a collection that has a lot of other cute items in it like “Mermist Shimmer Spray” (a body spray) for $22.00, “Minutes to Mermaid” makeup brush set of 5 with pink bristles and scale handles in aqua, green, and pink (with cute little fins on them) priced at $29.00, and “Mermaid Waves Salt Spray” hair texturizer for $22.00 (sold separately) just to name a few.  When I first saw it in its scalloped shell style palette of ocean blues, greens, and aquas I wasn’t sure I’d like it but when I saw the shadows themselves inside, I thought the shades were gorgeous and perfect for summer.  When I swatched them I was pleasantly surprised with how creamy and pigmented they were as well as really rich in color.  My favorite shades are “Salt Water ( “Nude Beach”

There are 14 shades inside the gold palette with the pans that hold the shadows shapelike cute tiny little shells themselves including a mirror inside taking up most of the lid space (also just a small mention to the pleasant “chocolatey” smell when I opened the palette reminiscent of the Too Faced “Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette but not as intense).  Tarte describes the shadows as “glimmering neutrals, jewel tones, and aquatic hues in matte and metallic formulas (with the same Amazonian clay ingredients as in the other cosmetic items) to create looks for a sea siren”.  They are a cream pigment formula that blends beautifully while balancing skin on eye lids to prevent creasing or fading”.  There are 5 “lusters”, 3 mattes (in neutrals great as transition shades), 4 shimmer/metallics with 2 shades containing a fine slight sparkle and duo chrome all looking like little jeweled pearls being mostly in shades of sand and ocean.

The shades are (from the top down) “Nude Beach” (the one that I noticed first and probably my favorite) a” pale gold luster”, “Shore Thing” (a Sienna), “Frose’ (a rose gold luster), “Beach Please” (a maroon luster), “Mermosa” (a warm gold), “Cavern” (a burgundy luster), “Fin Tastic” (an antique bronze), “Sandbar” (a milk chocolate), “Salt Water” (pale taupe luster), “Shipwreck” (a mahogany), “Shell Yea” (a bronze luster), “Bubbles” (a lilac duochrome), “Splash” (a turquoise), “Lagoon” (a teal luster and another one of my favorites!).  I love the shades of this palette but the thought that came into my mind was why are there burgundy shades and where would they fit into the ocean scheme of things but I guess there are fish and octopus or shells that color??  Or, the name “Beach Please” which I thought would be more like a “sandish” color.  My favorites are “Lagoon” which is the most unusual and unique color that I would describe as a really sparkly deep blue, “Nude Beach” that is a beige champagne and the most finely shimmered of the metallics next to “Frose'” that is also a favorite and a shimmery pink-peach.  The others are “Splash” that is a shimmering aqua-green, and one of the mattes in the palette called “Shore Thing” that is a mauve red-brown and a really great transitional color.  The packaging is cute and sturdy and being priced at $42.00.

All in all though, I think this palette is amazing with it’s summery/beachy feeling shades and it’s clever and creative theme as well as the packaging, the incredible buttery pigmentation, and originality that definitely puts the fun spirit of summer in you.





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