New Makeup Focus & Review: Maybelline’s “Soda Pop” Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline’s new palette “Soda Pop” that just recently launched this fall on the tail of the successful “Lemonade Palette” this past summer looks to be a promising palette as well. Maybelline describes the palette as “featuring 12 bold pigmented eyeshadows in a mix of mattes and shimmers” and “wearable neutrals” with the ability to create “many looks”.  The palette is priced at $10.99 and if its anything like the “Lemonade” palette the quality of the shadows for the price it is well worth it and money well spent.

The shadows,  just like the first palette have creative soda themed names and contains 12 shadows as in the “Lemonade Craze” palette.  The shades are “Chilling” (a light shimmering peach nude), “Soda Fizz” (a light tan sparkly shimmer), “Tonic” (a light beige shimmer), “Sugar High” (a light tan peach), “Grape Pop” (a light purple shimmer), “Blue Raspberry” (a medium berry fine shimmer), “Ginger” (a light ivory beige matte), “Crushing” (a light orange yellow matte), “Cherry On Top” (a light cherry brown shimmer), “Cola Float” (a cola red-brown matte), and “Root Beer” (a deep brown matte with slight sparkle).

When I swatched the shadows they are just as pigmented as Maybelline says and the same formula as the “Lemonade Craze” palette so successful and raved about this time last summer.  The scent of this palette is more true to the sweet soda pop smell than the “Lemonade ” palette that described it’s scent of the palette as lemonade but to me was more “candy” scented than citrus or lemon.  I think my favorite colors are “Chilling” (I’m partial to shimmery nudes), “Grape Pop”, and “Cherry On Top”.  There are different shades that can be applied on both the upper and lower lids of the eye to use for shimmer, bold pops of color, and to use as transition shades.  The “Soda” palette is also in the same sturdy square cube packaging with a see through lid as the “Lemonade” palette.

I would highly recommend this palette as one to have in your fall collection with great quality, wearable and blendable shade formula as the “Lemonade” palette with a lot fun colors with the ability to have fun with your creative side making lots of different looks, as well as being affordable.  I can’t wait to play with this palette for fall!

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