Highlighter Focus: The New Morphe 8S Stellar Impact Highlighter Palette

Morphe has come so far as a leader in the cosmetics industry earning a reputation for quality makeup at reasonable prices while also being edgy and trendy.  They started out with just super high quality makeup brushes at low prices and then added in eyeshadow palettes that were raved about by Jaclyn Hill (who was also one of their first big collaborations) early in her career for being ultra pigmented and buttery before the Morphe brand had ever been heard of.  Also, with the rise of social media and YouTube’s top beauty influencers to highlight their makeup like Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA, and the latest Morphe X James Charles collaboration in the “James Charles Artistry Palette” with his ever bubbly creative personality and incredible makeup artistry talent, they have put their name on the map as one of the leading professional makeup brands.  Since then they have extended their makeup line including more great makeup brushes, matte lipsticks, concealers, highlighters and most recently the Morphe “8S Stellar Impact Highlighter” Palette with it’s pastel “unicorny”, ice cream, magical, and space like colors.

The 8S Palette is an 8 pan palette with a good amount of product in the same familiar hard, black, and sturdy plastic Morphe packaging that runs is priced at $25.00 for 0.99 oz.  Morphe describes the palette as an “on the glow palette of 8 attention grabbing highlighters with each beaming shade daringly creamy that leaves you with an explosive prismatic effect” and has a “weightless zero gravity feel” formula.  The colors in the palette are (left to right top row) “Ultraviolet” (iridescent violet), “Galactic” (an icy peach), “Comet” (a burnished glitzy coral), “Meteor” (a gilded rich gold), (bottom row left to right) “Aurora” (a glistening rosy nude), “Trance” (a glistening rosy nude), “Big Bang” (a glitzy gold),  and “Mirage” (a metallic copper).

On swatching these they are definitely not as buttery and pigmented as some of the other highlighters Morphe’s has created but they are all beautiful creative colors with “Ultraviolet” being really unique and trendy.  My favorites are “Meteor”, “Mirage” (which I think are the most buttery and pigmented of them all as is the case with most darker shaded highlighters, blushes, or eyeshadows that need more die and pigment that can sometimes make them chunky or flaky but these are not at all), “Aurora”, and “Ultraviolet” (a beautiful lavender-blue even if it is not as pigmented or smooth as the others).  So, I think this is a beautiful trendy palette but not one of the best highlighters/palettes Morphe has created.

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