Fall Makeup Focus Review: September Rose Cosmetics’s “Brew” Palette

September Rose Cosmetics is an “Indie”cosmetic brand from the U.K. that I had not heard of before but when I saw it as I was scrolling through Trendmood1’s Instagram account t Mom foils perfect for fall.  youYou may know September Rose Cosmetics from their original “Slush” Palettes One and Two that makeup lovers have come to know for their tropical vacation vibe and “rainbow inspired” palettes being full of bright pastel pinks, aquas, lavenders, greens, oranges, violets, and blues.  Both of the “Slush” palettes are reasonably priced for the amount of shadows you get in them with 25 shades in the One palette (for $30.83) and 20 shadows in the Two palette (for $27.13) that are very versatile to create many spring, summer, and artistic looks (that basically developed a cult following).  Well, they have now come out with their third palette in time for fall and from the look of it and how fall gorgeous it is it’s bound to be a hit.

Their new eyeshadow palette is called the “Brew” Palette which is quaintly named  and inspired by some of the most beloved favorite tea and coffee flavors.  It is a gorgeous palette with mostly mattes (which I think is a texture that is fitting for fall looks that really accentuates the smokiness of fall shades especially the olives, cranberries, and earth tones that always say “fall is here”) some pops of color, and two gold toned glitter/foil shades for a total of 16 shadows.  The palette is priced at $24.33 USD ($24.66 in the UK) and was created with all skin types in mind to create many fall everyday and glam looks.  The shades from left to right for the first row are “Milk Tea” (a white milk), “Cold Brew” (the shade the palette was named for and an antique bronze), “Red Velvet” (a matte warm brick red-brown), “Iced Tea” (a yellow-gold foil), the second row; “Rooibos” (a matte deep eggplant-purple), “Ginger” (a matte peach-brown),  “Tea Latte” (a matte ivory),  “Spice Chai” (a matte nutmeg-orange), the third row; “French Vanilla” (a matte cream beige), “Puer” (a matte deep chocolate-brown), “Pumpkin Spice” (a warm matte light pumpkin flesh orange), “Sweet Tea” (a matte light maroon), the fourth row; “Classic Chai” (a matte light blush-orange), “Almond” (a light almond-brown), “Cinnamon” (a warm matte rich brown), and “Loose Leaf” (a matte slate-black).  All of the shadows in the palette are described as “pigmented, smooth, and buttery” shadows that are vegan and cruelty free that ship to the U.S (allow a little more for shipping and delivery time with it typically being 5 to 7 days) and the U.K.  The palette has been raved about by most of the beauty community and makeup lovers so far since it launched receiving mostly five stars in review.

September Rose also has other products like the “Highlighting & Strobing Kit” (which I am looking forward to trying myself it looks so good for the price for my kit!) is a 6 pan multi-colored palette of “pigmented and velvety” highlighters suited to all skin tones to highlight and contour the face for $12.22 USD, the ”Beauty Sponge Set” (that comes with a beauty sponge in the color of your choice and holder for $8.54 USD, and a Lash Applicator in “gold” for $3.04 USD and with the success of the “Brew” Palette I am sure there will be more!

As far as my take on the palette, I am really impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows and found them to be crazy pigmented and even better quality than I had expected them to be with them being ultra smooth and velvety and just as they stated on their web site as well as being very easy to blend.  The shimmer shade “Iced Tea” is a super smooth and buttery shade that is beautiful when popped on the lid in a “halo” style eye that is intense enough to also be used as a highlighter for the cheekbones and other high points of the face.  The foil shade “Cold Brew” I picked out as the shimmer shade I liked as the best of the two in the palette thinking that “Iced tea” was a little too yellowy of a gold for me but actually ended up liking “Iced Tea” better because of the smoothness and intensity finding “Cold Brew” to be a little on the chunky side and not as pigmented as I thought it would be.  Several of the lighter mattes in the palette like “French Vanilla” and “Tea Latte” are great as transitional shades while some of the deeper mattes in the palette like “Roobios” (that is OMG!….so insanely pigmented) and “Puer” that can really be packed on in layers on the lid, applied to the outer corner of the eye for a smoky cat eye effect, or to deepen up the crease.  There are just enough “pumpkin flesh orange and spice represented shades in the palette in “Pumpkin Spice”, “Spice Chai”, and “Ginger” to satisfy your creative craving for all the pumpkin orange shades for fall looks that you could possibly ever want to create and enough of the multi light and darker shades in the palette to deepen an outer corner of the eye or to add just the right amount of smoke, as well as several of the spice, brick, and fall festive shades like “Classic Chai” for you to get your creative “orange pumpkin fix” look.  There are also a few deeper “smokey” shades in the palette with the eggplant colored “Rooibos”, the dark chocolate colored  “Puer”, and the red-maroon “Sweet Tea” shadows to smoke out any eye look for fall daytime and fall night time sultry looks.  The “Milk Tea” and “Tea Latte” shadow shades in the palette are perfect for that inner corner and brow bone highlight shades of the palette and “French Vanilla” is the just right crease and lid enhancing shade that blends beautifully with just about every shade in the palette to lighten up or use in conjunction with other shades to be used as a smooth transition blending shade that goes with any shade in the palette.  

So, overall I must say that I am very pleasantly surprised and pleased with the looks, quality, and performance of the “Brew” Palette that probably the only thing I think that September Rose could possibly do (since the prices are so low already and the shadows out of this world!) would be to infuse each of the eyeshadow shades with a delicious scent that they are titled after that would smell just as wonderful as the shades sound, look, and feel but short of that, they are already well on their way to being an amazing makeup brand!

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