Highlighter Focus: Halloween Highlighters

Highlighters are one of my addictions so when Halloween comes around there are some really fun ones to play with from different cosmetic lines.  There are all kinds of colors and textures with all kinds of embossed scary creatures on them like skulls, ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, and witches in all kinds of different colors like ghostly white with different lavender, pink, and blue shifts of color that have an ethereal glow that can be applied to Halloween makeup to enhance your scary glow for trick or treating and Halloween parties.

Some of the brands that haves some fun Halloween highlighters to try in different shades are Makeup Revolution Beauty, Revolution Beauty, Bitter Lace Beauty, Lunatick Labs Cosmetics, Black Moon Cosmetics, Sugar Pill, Jeffrey Starr, Vanessas Vanity, Ritual De Fille, Touch Of Glam Beauty, and Kylie Cosmetics just to name a few.  Makeup Revolution and Revolution Beauty have the “Ghost Lights” Vivid Baked Highlighter and “Haunted Lights” pressed powder highlighters with an embossed ghost and skull with crossbones on them in a glowing ghostly sheer white shade that isn’t chunky or glittery that is buildable, pigmented and smooth that you can use to enhance even a light fairy look or a ghoulish witch with heavy face makeup for $6.00 at Ulta.  They also have 3 “Halloween Skull” Liquid Highlighter Drops in the shades “Ghosted” (a ghostly white shimmer), “Blood Of My Enemies” (a blood red shimmer), “Creature Of The Night” (a light beige-gold shimmer) all in a glass skull bottle with dropper for $6.00.  Also, they have 3 “Halloween Eyeball” Pressed Powder Highlighters in bright multi colored and creepy eyeball packaging in the shades “I See You” (a light pink shimmer), “Eye Scream” (a ghostly white shimmer), “Terrif-Eye” (a flesh colored shimmer) for $7.00 each.

Jeffrey Starr Cosmetics has his Halloween “Mystery Boxes” that includes the “Mystery Frost” Skin Frost Highlighter (which Jeffrey Starr is know for in his other Skin Frost Highlighters being buttery and ultra pigmented) that is an orange shade with black flecks in it that is only available in a “Mystery Box” purchase) as well as festive black and orange hand mirrors for $25.00 for when you should need to apply touch ups throughout your Halloween night of partying and trick or treat activities.   The SugarPill Cosmetics line has a loose powder highlighter called “Ghosted” (a ghostly white with a violet shift with pink and red sparkles) that is priced at $14.00.  The beauty brand Black Moon Cosmetics has the  liquid highlighter or “Moon Toppers” that can be used on face, body, and lips in the shade  “Luna” (a holographic pink-white) that is a universal topper with multi-dimensional reflective pearls” for a “dancing holographic effect in even the darkest room” that runs for $19.00.  Rituel De Fille Cosmetics has the “Rare Light Crème Luminizer” (an Allure beauty award winner for 2017) in the shade “Ghost Light” (an “opalescent cool toned pale pink with a shift of violet blue”) that can be applied to any part of your face whereever you want that ethereal “ghostly” glow for $29.00.  Kylie Cosmetics has her “Kylighters” with one in the shade “Go Ghost” (a  sheer icy-white glow) for $18.00 to $20.00 (depending on where you buy it and is limited edition but can still be found on Ebay and Amazon, etc…).  The ever creative and growing into more than just brows Anastasia Of Beverly Hills has the “Aurora”, “Moonlight”, and “Dream Glow” Kits (priced at $40.00 to $45.00) with glowing and magical shades of green, lavender, blue, and pink pastels for that more “mermaidy”, alien, or mystical creature and fairy look as does Moonplay Cosmetics with its “Stroboscopes” for $43.00 like the “Hyper Flash Orb Powders” in the shades “NYC Vamp” (a light pink iridescent shimmer), and “Vow” (a light coral-pink iridescent shimmer).  The cosmetic line Be’Ellegant Beauty has the “Alien” Highlighter which is a glowing light alien green shade fun for alien and witch or creepy green skin Halloween makeup looks.

There are also some great “indie” cosmetic brands that carry some fun Halloween highlighters.  The brand Bitter Lace Beauty has all kinds of fun Halloween makeup with several fun highlighters like the beautiful “Bloodlust” Highlighter (an absolutely gorgeous blood red shimmer) embossed with skulls, “Snapped” (a light color with blood red splashes), and “Blood Moon” (a trio layered moon shape with multi chrome shifts of deep blue, violet, and burgundy shimmer) for $25.00 as well as the “The Next Supreme” Pressed Powder (an irredescent white with a glowing blue shift and a slight shimmer that is embossed with scary skulls and spiders) that is priced at $10.00. The brand Dandy Lions Cosmetics has a pressed powder pumpkin highlighter called “Jack” (a light orange-gold with a pumpkin face) that is priced at $8.00 and a eyeshadow called “Witch Please” (a black multi-chrome with a blue, pink, and green shift) for $5.00.  Tator Tot Cosmetics carries the highlighters called “Pumpkin Glow” (a beautiful golden orange) priced at $14.50 and “Graveyard Glow” (a silver glow that shifts from silver to gold) that has a graveyard embossed with tombstones on it.  Ghostly Tales Cosmetics Multi-Chrome Eye and Face Highlighter Palette has three shades in “Annabelle” (a light duochrome ice-blue to pink violet), “Sarah” (a pale white-pink shift shimmer), and “Whaley” (a ghostly green with frost blue, gold, and green shifts) for $42.50.  The “indie” brand Chaos Makeup has some of the best multi-chrome highlighters I have ever seen in gel and cream (they are blinding!) form in their “Color Shifting Creams” in the shades “Mermaid Skin” (a blue-green shift), “Cosmic Light” (a blue, green, and pink shift), “Ice Blink” (a light green-blue aqua shift).  The glowing green-white highlighter called “Paranormal Glow” by Beauty Bar Baby for $8.99 is also a fun highlighter for Halloween.  

So, whatever festivities you have planned for Halloween and if you love to add highlighters to your look, there are many beauty brands and cosmetic lines in both high end and low end price range that carry some really fun highlighter products to go with whatever creative Halloween look you choose.





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