Holiday Focus: Fun Halloween Makeup Products

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year and thankfully there are plenty of creative and fun makeup products out there to satisfy the little trick or treater or “inner ghoul” in most makeup lovers.  There are many Halloween makeup companies out there and lots of beauty and cosmetic brands that carry makeup products from highlighter to face paint to eyeshadow palettes and more that are creative and festive to play with for the Halloween season.

Lunatick Labs Cosmetics is a really fun cosmetic brand with creepy, bloody, and ghoulish themed makeup in adorable packaging in the shapes of coffins, Ouija boards, bullet casings and cartridges, as well as the human heart all in colors of purple, orange, blood red, and slimy neon and moss greens that is sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  They have several eyeshadow palettes (even an “Elvira” Mistress Of The Dark themed eyeshadow palette) several of which are bestsellers called the “coffin” palettes like with one named the “Supernatural” Palette that is shaped like a coffin with the theme of a Ouija board on it.  The inside has purple and black leopard print on one side and on the other is in bright yellow and greens with planets, stars, and moons with cute little pictures of different characters like black cats, fortune tellers, palm-reading psychics, werewolves, and aliens with a cute bat mirror that has five eyeshadows with fun names in it like “Invocation” (a light pink shimmer), “Myth” (a light matte ivory-white), “Spook” (a deep blood-red shimmer), “Reincarnation” (a matte light mauve), and “Ghoulight” (a dark matte red-mauve) that is priced at $35.00.  They also have an eyeshadow palette in the shape of the human heart with all its bloody veins and ventricles showing called the “Take My Heart” Eyeshadow Palette with five eyeshadows in the shades “Dead Teddy” (a light brown shimmer), “Bloody Valentine” (a deep blood red-purple), “NO xs” (a matte light pink-ivory), “White Noise” (a matte satin white), and “Hearts Go Splat” (a light white-beige shimmer) priced at $31.00.

There are also single shadow shades for $6.00 in festive Halloween shades like “Redrum Red” (a dark blood-red shimmer), “The End Is Near” (a black duochrome with pink, purple, and blue shifts), “Pumpkin Queen” (an ombre orange, yellow, and red), “Lovelace” (a matte deep blood-red), “Brainz” (a deep purple shimmer), and “Lime “Lagoon” (a bright neon slime-green) all for $9.00.  They also have a setting powder that is called the “Mystifying & Mattifying High Definition Microfinish Pressed Powder for $20.00 and lipsticks in bullet cartridge shells as well as some liquid lipsticks called “Lip Slicks” in shades like “Paranormal” (a glowing blue-purple),  “Creature” (a moss green), and “Tainted Temptress” (a matte black) for $12.00), and a contour palette called ” The Contour Book Volume One” that is a dark purple blue covering with stiches on it and a eyeball protruding from it “that is a reminiscent of the movie “Hocus Pocus”) with 12 cool rose light and dark nude shaded powders to shade, highlight, hide, minimize, and enhance the face which is priced (a bit on the high side but may be worth it depending on the quality of the 12 powders) for $55.00.  The well known cosmetic brand Inglot Cosmetics has “The Freedom System” Palette for $11.00 that is a palette you can customize and personalize by adding your own shadows that is decorated with a Swarovski crystal skull.

There are several “indie” cosmetics companies that are less well know that also carry some creative and fun makeup products.  The Hot Topic Cosmetics company (that describes their cosmetic line as carrying “easy, scary, unique, and cool” makeup products) have an eyeshadow palette called “The Nightmare Before Christmas Simply Meant To Be” Palette that has 12 eyeshadow shades with cute carboard packaging shaped in a coffin with characters from the movie like “Jack Skeleton”, “Sally”, and “Zero” with eyeshadows called “Oogie Boogie” (a light matte beige), “Pumpkin King” (a yellow-orange shimmer), “Shock” (a light matte lavender-purple), “Sandy Claws” (a matte brick-red), and “Rag Doll” (a dark purple shimmer) on sale for $9.79.   They also have the “Beetlejuice Handbook For The Recently Deceased” that looks and is shaped like the book in the movie) that has 12 eyeshadow shades in coffin shaped pans on sale for $11.83.  There is also a face powder called “flawless” that is a sheer white shade with a sugar skull embossed on it that has a blurring effect priced at $5.53.

The cosmetics brand Dandy Lions has a couple of mini palettes called the “Graveyard Ghouls” and the “Spooky Sweets” Eyeshadow Palettes.  The “Graveyard Ghouls” Palette is a purple matte metallic multi-chrome with 4 eyeshadow shades all in purple shades with creepy names like “Daedra” (a silver, blue, and purple shimmer), “Banshea” (a matte maroon glow), “Wraith” (a dark eggplant purple), “Necromancy” (a shimmering black multichrome).  The “Spooky Sweets” Palette (the more “fall harvesty” shaded than spooky palette) also has 4 eyeshadows in shades like “Candy Corn” (a pumpkin orange-yellow), “Butterscotch” (an orange-caramel), “Cinnamon Spice” (a light orange-brown), and “Licorice” (a satin solid black) priced at $10.40.

Spectrum Cosmetics is another “indie” brand that has single shadows with all kinds of fun Halloween themed colors for $6.00 in shades like “Queen Of Hearts” (a matte blood-red), “Night Sky” (a smokey midnight blue shimmer), “Poe” (a matte dark blue-purple), “Wicked” (an antique gold shimmer), “Unicorn Tears” iridescent pink-purple), “Fairy Dust” (a translucent white-blue shimmer), “Candy Apple” (a dark red shimmer), “Wicked” (a matte witch-green), “Fireworks” (a black shimmer), and “Cauldron” (a bright lime-green).  Kristen L. Cosmetics has a “Halloween Havoc Collection” with four single shadows in shades of orange-yellow, light green, black, and yellow-gold all with a lot of shimmer and sparklpurplee for $22.99.

The cosmetic brand Beauty Bar Baby has a “Phantom Eyeshadow Collection” pressed powder eyeshadows like “Elusive” (an iridescent opalescent with a purple shift), “Apparition” (a white with a purple to green shift), and “Hallucination” (a white with a green-gold shift) priced at $15.50.  From the company Bitter Lace Beauty there are their “Sparkling Spider Web” pressed eyeshadows in shades like “Absinthe” (a glowing spooky green), “Mystic” (an iridescent blue), “Ember” (a grey-black shimmer), “Wicked” (a midnight blue), “Lit” (a burnt orange), “Bewitched” (a bright purple, and “Sinister” (a deep red-wine sparkle).

When it comes to Halloween there are lots of cosmetic companies out there for you to fulfill your most creative makeup look ideas for whatever festivities you attend whether its for makeup artists or the once a year trick or treater there is something for everyone out there.

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