Highlighter Focus: The New Coty Airspun Loose Face Highlighting Powders Review

The first time that I heard of Coty Cosmetics was from the Airspun Loose Face Setting Powder that was on a YouTube tutorial by the beauty influencer, makeup artist, and popular Youtuber Patrick Starr that said it was what he used in his professional makeup artist kit as his favorite setting powder so, I had to give it a try.  After I purchased it not only was I impressed with the price being only at $5.97, I was also impressed with how finely milled it was and how softly blurred it left my face.  I know that many people have made fun of it for having an “old lady” smell (which it definitely did remind me of my Grandmas makeup) but the smell actually wasn’t bad  and I thought that it had a pleasantly clean, warm “clovey” smell to it that wasn’t offensive at all.

So, with that in mind about their setting powder, when I saw the new highlighters that were being launched and raved about I thought well, I had to try the highlighters too and see what the fuss was all about.  The new “Loose Face Highlighters” come in three shades called “Glow For Gold” (a warm golden-topaz medium shimmer), “Pink Me Up” (a light pink-gold shimmer with a blue shift), and “Snow Much Ice” (a light nude champagne-beige shimmer) that are also priced at $5.97 for 0.31 ounces (a little less product than the Airspun Loose Face Setting Powder) and comes in the same “shaker” top packaging except in a clear plastic jar so you can see the highlighter product shade.   I am not particularly crazy about the shaker dispensing method (also the same as the setting powder) which I think can be a bit messy as well as give you less control over the amount of product you can apply but, it does come with a piece of tape that covers the holes so that it does not spill when you open it.  You can just shake a small amount of product out either leaving it in the jar, in the lid, or sprinkling it on to the back of your hand and using a highlighting brush (that I definitely would recommend using to apply these because applying it with your fingertips would end up giving a really patchy and uneven look not to mention being really messy) to dip into the product (tapping out the excess from the brush so you don’t apply too much all at once) and applying it to the cheekbones and the high points of the face.

When I first swatched these highlighters I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and crazy pigmented they were for a drugstore brand with each one being an incredibly silky and smooth formula.  All three are so intense and gorgeous within their own individual shade with all of them being in really soft muted shimmering shades that would flatter and fit most skin tones but are definitely buildable to increase their intensity to a blinding “see you from space” look depending on how you want to wear them whether it be a daytime or nighttime look.

These highlighters are such a great product and such a great price for the quality that they are that I think could be used in either a professional kit as an affordable alternative for a higher-end highlighter or just for the makeup lover as an everyday makeup look highlight or one that can be creatively “amped” up into a fun or dramatic nighttime look.  I would definitely recommend these highlighters to anyone and think they are probably one of Coty’s best products to date other than their longtime best selling and well known setting powder.  I am so glad they came out with a more current product and I hope they will continue making even more new quality products that we can look forward to in the future!

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