Holiday Makeup Focus: The Give Me Glow Cosmetics Thanksgiving Eyeshadow Collection

The indie makeup brand Give Me Glow Cosmetics is a newer brand to me but one that has quickly become a favorite because of all of its beautiful, creative, unique, and pigmented single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes.  It first caught my eye when the perfect for fall “Juicy Olive” Eyeshadow Palette that launched this past fall season that makeup lovers went crazy over (with its gorgeous green, gold, olive, and jade shades) and their loose highlighters, and glitters, etc…, as well as the latest eyeshadow duos (as in “#duogoals” duos) that launched on November 8, 2019 as their Thanksgiving Collection.  The palette is inspired by your favorite Thanksgiving meal foods like “Gravy & Glazed Turkey”, “Cranberries & Stuffing”, “Casserole & Spiked Cider”, and “Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream”.  The duos are priced at $10.00 each and come in nice glossy and sturdy (really impressed with this) solid white and fun confetti-glittered cardboard packaging with two shadows in each that say “#DUOGOALS” and have a nice little mini-sized eye mirror in them.

The shadows themselves starting with the first “entree” or palette (hee hee), is the “Gravy & Glazed Turkey duo.  The “Gravy” shade is a matte dark cinnamon-brown and the “Glazed Turkey” shade is a pressed glitter multi-colored light and dark brown with amber and gold flecks in it.  The second course is the “Cranberry & Stuffing” duo with the “Stuffing” being a dark rich matte cranberry shade and the “stuffing” shade is a light golden brown gorgeous shimmer.  The next menu selection is the “Casserole” & “Spiked Cider” duo and the “Casserole” shade is a light matte (as the green bean dish) green with the “Spiked Cider” shade which is also a pressed glitter in a multi-colored dark and light silver-gold glitter.  For “dessert” the “Pumpkin & Whipped Cream” duo with the “Pumpkin” shade being a golden orange pumpkin and the “whipped” shade bing a silvery-white.  I think combining “Gravy”, “Glazed Turkey”, “Pumpkin” (with “Pumpkin” as a transitional color in the crease, “Gravy” in the crease and smoked out on the outer corner, and “Glazed Turkey” on the lid.  Even “Cranberry” would be gorgeous blended into the outer on top of “Gravy” for a little extra warm smoke and instead of “Glazed Turkey” on the lid you could put the golden “Stuffing” or use even use it as an inner corner highlight) would be a beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday look.

All of the matte shades are VERY pigmented (I actually said “holy cow” out loud to myself) and really blendable with I think the “Cranberry” and “Gravy” shades being my favorites and smoothest for the mattes.  For the satin shimmers “Stuffing” is my favorite and so smooth and beautiful in color.  The glitters are both gorgeous but I think that I like the shade “Glazed Turkey” the best because of its color and less flyaway.  All of the shades are deliciously indulgent in pigment and shade and the only little bit of a critique I would have of them would be that the “Whipped Cream” Shade is a little bit dry and has some flyaway to it and with the glitters I think it would be best to use a glitter glue on the lids when applying them.  Other than, that I really love what I have purchased in these quality shades, would recommend them to anybody whether personal makeup lover or professional makeup artist and look forward to purchasing and doing a review on their winter and holiday palettes, highlighters, and shadows that are in the works!




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