New Makeup Review Focus: E.L.F. Cosmetics “Bite Size” Eyeshadow Palettes

E.L.F. Cosmetics has been a brand I have come to know and love since getting into makeup artistry and learning about more cosmetic brands.  They are a good quality and affordable makeup brand that has all kinds of makeup as well as tools and skincare.  E.L.F. is really well known for its “Poreless Putty Primer”( that also just recently came out with a matte and luminous formula), the “16 HR Camouflage Concealer (of which they just came out with the hydrating one that I want to try), and the makeup brushes that are raved about at such an affordable price.  I love the quad blush palettes that they have in such gorgeous smooth shades that either a pro makeup artist can use or the makeup lover at home would love.

Well, E.L.F. has just recently gotten into the mini eyeshadow palette trend with its new mini palette eyeshadows called the “Bite-Size” Mini Eyeshadow Palettes, each in a different color story (both warm and cool) with eight palettes in all and one of the best things of all, they are only $3.00.  There is the”Cream & Sugar” (a beautiful light and dark warm beige-champagne mix), “Rose Water” (light and dark soft pink-beige shades), “Berry Bad” (a mix of light and dark berry hades), “Pumpkin Pie (orange-pumpkin and rust shades), “Hot Jalapeno” (desert green, blu, and golds), “Acai You” (a mix of ocean, berry, and sky blues with one of the prettiest pale lavender-blue shades I’ve ever seen), “Truffles” (deep plum-brown shades with a light shimmer shade), and “Carnival Candy” (a mix of fun mattes and shimmers in bold playful colors).  They all have a mix of mattes and shimmers depending on which palette you choose with four shades in each.  The palettes I purchased are the “Cream & Sugar” and “Rose Water” (the softest and prettiest romantic spring shades I thought plus I’m a nude and pastel lover) palettes.

Upon swatching them right off the bat I noticed that they are very soft and pigmented so be careful when you go to apply them from the palette with your finger or a brush.  Depending on which palette you purchased I noticed that some of the shimmers are fine and smooth and some of the others are chunkier (the light champagne-beige and bronze-copper shimmer shades in the “Cream & Sugar” Palette are super pigmented and a very fine shimmer).  I was surprised that even the mattes were super smooth and pigmented when sometimes certain mattes can have little pigment and are chalky and dusty with a lot flyaway; these are not.  Granted, I only purchased the two palettes but they are both consistent in quality throughout.

Both of the palettes when I applied them went on smooth and blended really well.  I did a three-color eye look with the “Rose Water” Palette and all of them blended beautifully together.  Both palettes can go from day to night with the darkest shades in each palette and you can create many different looks from just one palette.  Overall, I think these palettes were done brilliantly by E.L.F. and are even better than some of the palettes put out by other brands including some high-end ones.






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6 thoughts on “New Makeup Review Focus: E.L.F. Cosmetics “Bite Size” Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. Great post. Have you tried the e.l.f. make up sponges? I bought a package of 3 for $12 in three different sizes. I love Beauty Blenders, but I can never find the medium size I purchased a few years ago. They are very dense but work quite well.


    1. I haven’t tried their sponges yet and am looking for something that is good but less expensive than the Beauty Blender sponges. Thanks for the info and the follow!!!! I love your blog. Want to try some recipes!!

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