New Spring Makeup Review Focus: Revlons “The Luscious Mattes” Lipsticks

Revlon has really been elevating their drugstore makeup game especially with one of their newest lip products called the “Super Lustrous”, The Luscious Mattes” Lipsticks.  Ok, I haven’t gotten this excited about a lip product in a long time and I always have such a hard time finding a formula and shade that I like that feels comfortable on my lips but, with these new matte lipsticks from Revlon, I think I have finally found my holy grail matte lip product.  When I say these are amazing, I mean they are out of this world good.  They are lightweight on your lips and give that soft natural matte look without being drying, tight, cracking or flaky and don’t leave you with that (and sorry to sound crude) butthole lip look that some lipsticks and liquid lipsticks can give you that can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable.  These Revlon matte lipsticks blend into your lips and they stay there without needing constant repeat touch-ups throughout the day and look just as gorgeous as when you first put it on.

I bought the colors, “Candy Addict” (016) (a matte bubblegum pink), “Make It Pink” (015) (a matte cotton candy pink), and “Pick Me Up” (003) (a matte toasty nude mauve) that are all beautiful spring soft pastel pinks and nudes.  I tested each of them for wearability and staying power through eating and drinking and not only did they stay put, there was also very little to no transfer so they passed with flying colors in my book!  I was actually shocked at how they looked on my fips after I had applied them in the morning and when periodically checking in the mirror throughout the day after forgetting I had them on, I was shocked at how good they still looked.  They didn’t look dry or cakey.  Just luscious, moisturized and soft with color.  Even the friends I went out with that night kept complimenting my lips and asking what I lip color was wearing!

Revlon says “This is a matte made comfortable”.  “Our moisturizing lipstick formula is infused with a luxurious botanical blend of agave, moringa oil, and cupuacu butter to instantly smooth and hydrate”.  It keeps its word in that and these lipsticks will never clump up in the cracks of your lips it is so smoothing.  It really makes your lips look better than they really are I found.

There are 24 shades in all (which I will definitely be repurchasing more for myself and my pro kit) to fit every mood and occasion whether it is a soft flirty spring pinks or nudes moment, or for that perfect red lip occasion, and maybe a rich, deep, dark shade for a mysterious adventure with someone romantically or just for a shade for only you that you want to create a mood or look for yourself, well Revlon has got you covered for all of those, and with the price point only being $8.49 it is very affordable for the amazing quality you get.  I have never seen a matte lipstick like them.

The other shades I have my eye on that are rich with beautiful color are “After Hours” (022) (a rich, deep, dark purple-red), “Untold Stories” (011) (the perfect nude-pink light shimmer), ” If Want To” (001) (a matte apricot nude), “Insane” (025) (a matte deep raspberry), “Wilñd Thoughts” (004) (a matte rose mauve), “Getting Serious” (026) (a matte terra cotta red), and “Show Off” (008) (a matte ruby red).  The shade “Fire On” is also my idea of the perfect summer red lip.  I can wait to try more shades know that I will be happy with them because of the lipsticks I have already bought and love so I know Its a sure thing.  I would definitely recommend these Luscious Matte Lipsticks by Revlon.  In fact, I would say run not walk to your nearest drugstore to get them before they are all sold out they are that good!!!

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