Highlighter Focus: Revlon’s New “Skin Lights Prismatic Highlighters”

Drugstore cosmetics companies have definitely upped their game in the makeup industry and Revlon is certainly a contender with one of their new products in The Skin Lights Prismatic Highlighters”.  I purchased these to do a review not expecting them to be as good as they were in the two shades “Twilight Gleam” 202 (a beige-champagne) and “Daybreak Glimmer” 201 (a pale gold shimmer) with the third being “Gilded Dawn” 203 (a tan shimmer) for $11.99.    They are described as having highlighter reflects like no others with crystal-like pigments that give the skin a multi-dimensional glow for the perfect amount of shimmer”.  They are said to “feel like silk” and “weightless with even radiance” that are “buildable”.

When I first saw them at Ulta and tested them my mouth just about dropped open at how pigmented they were and how they looked like high-end brand shades.  The shade I like and first tried was the “Daybreak Glimmer” 201 shade (the lighter of the three) and couldn’t believe how smooth and buttery it was without being glittery or chunky.  Then I tried the other two and they were also as silky as the first one so I thought “I’ve got to get these and review them and tell the beauty community how great these are from a drugstore brand!”  When I applied it to my face (both with my fingertips and with a brush which is better for layering) it is definitely a formula that can be built up to high intensity for a dramatic look or used lightly and sheer for a day look.  The three shades are ideal for use with light, medium, or dark skin tones and could even be used as a drugstore option for a makeup artist pro kit.  They also have three “Prismatic” bronzers in the shades “Sunlit Glow” 110 (a light bronze-golden shimmer), “Sunkissed Beam” 115 (a medium-golden shimmer), and “Gilded Glimmer” 120 (a deep copper-bronze) that I will be definitely trying this summer that also look silky, gorgeous, and high-end.

I think these new highlighters from Revlon have lived up to how they are described and are worth the purchase or investment whether you use it for your professional kit or just for use by the makeup lover at home, they are a quality product that seems more like a high-end product at a drugstore price!


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