Summer Drugstore Makeup Focus: Maybelline’s “Nudes Of New York” Eyeshadow Palette For A Summer Bronzy Look

Maybelline recently came out with the “Nudes Of New York” Eyeshadow Palette so it isn’t a new one but I think its perfect for a bronzy summer look.  It is full of beautiful nude and bronzy matte, shimmer, and satin shades that fit all skin tones.  It has 16 eyeshadow shades with 9 mattes, five shimmers, and 1 satin.  The shimmers are not chunky that don’t have glittery fly away and are light nude shimmers with the shade “Fighter” being more intense than the others and almost a metallic.  I think the shade “Originator” is the most beautiful as well as the satin shade “Believer”.

Some of the mattes are more pigmented than the others with some of the lighter shades being less but are good for the creativity whether its used as a transitional shade, a lighter daytime look, or just a lid color using the darker colors to deepen up the eye look.  The shades that are the most pigmented that my jaw drooped over are “Voyager” and “Globetrotter” with “Self Starter” being a little lighter but also very pigmented.  The shade I think is most gorgeous is “Protector” and is a light mauve shade that would be so gorgeous with green eyes.  The shade “Soloist” would be a really good transitional shade.  My favorites are “Originator”, “Protector”, “Believer”, and “Self Starter”.  All of the shades are gorgeous and are perfect for a nude summer bronzy look.

The palette was priced at $12.99 at Walmart and I am really impressed with Maybelline with this as a drugstore palette.  It is so beautiful!  Also, there are four looks on the website to give you creative inspiration.  I think this is one of the best drugstore eyeshadow palettes and definitely one of the best summer palettes this year.


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