Bath & Spa Focus: Tan Ready Exfoliated & Hydrated Skin

Summer has officially started June 20th and everyone is ready to get their tan on even with all that’s going on so its time to get your skin ready for the most beautiful tan possible.  This means getting rid of all the dead and dry summer skin with exfoliation and keeping it hydrated that gets your skin ready for tanning, as well as extends your tan and keeps it glowing all summer long.

A fun way to do this is making a “beginning of summer” luxurious spa night out of it with bath and shower products that moisturize and exfoliate that smell and feel good that gets the job done getting your skin ready for tanning.  A good soak in a hot bath is a good place to start and will get your skin softened for exfoliation.  Some really good bath salts and hydrating bath bombs like Lushs “Butterball” that has a musky vanilla scent or “Floating Island” that is a bath oil melt that has cocoa butter and sandalwood oil will get your skin softened and ready for exfoliation.  Salts to soak in are also good like Salts By Hendrixs “Coco-Soak Rose” that is a organic coconut milk and rose salt soak that also hydrates and nourishes your skin and Ahavas “Natural Dead Sea Salts” that has 21 essential minerals that also softens and hydrates.   Bath oils are also a good way to hydrate and soften that you can add to your bath like Molton & Brown “Orange & Bergamot Radiating Bath Oil” or Burts Bees Lemon & Vitamin E Bath & Body Oil” are good ones. You can either add the bath oil to soak and then exfoliate or add the oil after exfoliation to your body to really hydrate the skin and make it extra silky.

Moisturizing and hydrating bath and shower gels before you exfoliate to cleanse like Loccitanes “Almond Shower Oil” cleansing liquid that foams up in to a milky cleanser that has almond oil in that smells so good and makes your skin extra soft without feeling greasy.  From Sol De Jeneiros there is the “Coco Cobana Moisturizing Body Cream Cleanser” and Philosophys “Fresh Cream Shower Gel” that is a luxurious rich lather of bubbles that smells like yummy cream and vanilla just to name a couple.  There also is Niveas “Nourishing Care Body Wash With Nourishing Serum” for a less expensive option.

Next is a good time to exfoliate that removes dead skin and gets your skin glowing and helps your skin except hydration.  There are several ways to do this with scrubs or an exfoliating mitt.  There is the brand Spongeables that has the “Pre-Tan Exfoliation Body Washing Sponge” that is a mitt that you can wear to scrub your skin in the bath or shower.  For scrubs there is Origins “Ginger Body Scrub”, Koparis “Coconut Crush Scrub” (that smells of heavenly coconut and makes your skin so soft), Frank & Bodys “Express O Coffee Body Scrub” (that is whipped for less mess and has cinnamon, raw sugar,and vitamins A, E, and D to hydrate),  Herbivores “Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish”, The Body Shops “Almond Milk & Honey Exfoliating Crème Scrub”, Salt By Hendrixs Luxe Oil & Salt Scrub in Jasmine and Rose”, Lushs “Ocean Salt” (a lime brightening scrub), Dr. Teals “Pink Himilayan Salt Scrub, and Doves “Coconut & Rice Milk” Body Polish just to name a few.

After you get out of the shower or tub and towel dry a hydrating body spray is a good way to add more moisture to your skin.  Some sprays out there to use are Derma-Es Hydrating Body Mist with Hyalauronic Acid, Pacificas “Coconut Power Hydro Mist”,  Herbivores “After Sun Aloe Mist” or whatever spray of your choice.  After that dries applying a body butter to keep the moisture locked in like Josie Marans “Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter”, Kiehls Crème D Corps Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter”, and The Body Shops “Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring Body Butter”.  Applying a light body oil that absorbs into the skin like Frank & Bodys Magic Illuminizer Body Oil” or Herbivores “Coconut Ultra Hydration Body Oil” will also help to lock in moisture.

As always put on sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun (a moisturizing one will also help keep your skin soft and supple and your tan looking great) so go out and have fun and enjoy the summer festivities knowing that your ready for your best summer tan ever!



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4 thoughts on “Bath & Spa Focus: Tan Ready Exfoliated & Hydrated Skin

  1. Your blog today sounds almost good enough to eat… many wonderful items to make your body more beautiful and the fragrances make my senses feel like I can actually smell the scents…….TKU so much and good luck to you….


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