Summer Glow Series Focus: Body Glow!

Summertime is when you want your skin to be the most hydrated and glowing especially with a summer tan so wearing body glows is a great way to do that.  There are so many wonderful products out there on the market now from high end to low end to give your skin some extra sparkle so finding one to suit you should be easy.

There are body glows that have a color base with shimmer and body oils that have an oil base with no color and some shimmer in them but look for the body glows that have moisturizing ingredients in them that are going to hydrate your skin as well as make it look good.  Also, look for the ones that have a fine shimmer with flecks of sparkle, not the ones that have a chunky or gritty glitter to them.  The body glows that are scented with coconut, vanilla, or subtle tropical scents are a lot of fun for summer and make you smell delicious while leaving your skin soft and silky.  Depending on what your activities or event you’re attending are going to be there are also waterproof and sweatproof formulas that will keep your glow going and your tan looking great.

I think some of the best body glows are Tom Ford’s “Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil”, Marc Jacob’s “Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter” (so gorgeous and a rich silky gel formula with coconut water and coconut milk that has a light coconut scent that I love!), Fenty’s “Body Lavas”, Anastasia Beverly Hills’s “Shimmer Body Oil”, and Sol De Jeneiro’s  new skin softening “Glowmotion Glow Oils” in three shades with I think “Rio Sunset” as being the most beautiful (depending on your skin tone of course) that are in the higher price ranges but are worth it.  I recently just purchased the “Molten Glow Face & Body Liquid Illuminator” by Makeup Revolution Beauty for $17.00 in the shade “Bronze”.  I wasn’t expecting to like this product as much as I do!  It is more like a high end product than a lower to mid-range product with a really light formula that hydrates the skin and makes it silky with a pineapple and coconut scent that colors your skin with a smooth bronze shimmer base and subtle bits of sparkle too it.  This shade I think would be best combined with a darker skin tone or a well developed summer tan.  There are also two other shades in “Rose Gold” (a beautiful rose-gold shimmer for mid-toned skin that I plan to be purchasing for myself soon!) and “Gold” (a pale gold shimmer for fairer skin tones).  Some other reasonably priced body glows are Hard Candys “All Over Body Illuminizer” in “Champagne” (that also has a fresh coconut scent) is really gorgeous for $11.99 at Walmart, Elf’s “Retro Paradise Glow Up Oil” for $12.00 in the two shades “Sunkissed” & “Golden Hour”, Colourpop’s Sol Glow Shimmering Dry Body Oil has five shades (I love the shade “Icy Rose'”) for $15.00, and one that I really want to try is Coppertone’s Body Glow with shimmer that has an SPF for $8.97.

Some of the products come with a brush that might be better to use to blend into your skin for some of them than using your hands depending on the formula.  So at this time in the summer season most of you should be showing off your best tan of the summer ever and using body glows keeps your skin hydrated and glowing, but also gives your skin a sexy “eye-catching” shimmer.

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