New Fall Makeup Focus: Maybelline’s Super stay Matte Ink “Coffee Edition” Liquid Lipsticks

Summer is over and the cooler temperatures of fall are settling in with everyone somewhat getting back their to work and school routines just as the new fall makeup launches that are starting to release.  Maybelline has launched a new fall collection dedicated to coffee (which we all need when it comes to mornings and getting ready for school or work) with a new collection of Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks (as well as a couple of the new Color Strike Cream-To-Powder Eyeshadow Pens products I’ve started trying out)in a new coffee theme that has rich coffee colored lip products in light and dark coffee, mocha, hazelnut, and cream shades that smell like a delicious creamy cup of coffee (along with the pictured coordinating light and dark pink, champagne, burgundy, and taupe shades of the new Color Strike Cream-To-Powder Eyeshadow Pens I’ve started to try out).

There are six of the Super Stay Matte Ink 16 Hour Liquid Lipsticks in the shades “Cocoa Connoisseur” (a light matte cocoa brown), “Mocha Inventor” (a matte deep coffee brown), “Caramel Collector” (a light caramel-brown matte), “Hazelnut Hypnotizer” (a light hazelnut brown matte), “Chai Genius” (a light nude-pink chai matte), “Espresso Enthusiast” (an almost black deep espresso-brown matte) all with the delicious scent of all kinds of coffee.  They are all priced at $7.99 depending on where you purchase them.  There are also the Super Stay Longwear 24 Hr. Colors in the Coffee Collection and what I call the lighter “lip gloss” shades that I think can be used like a “gloss” or lip topper that are still long-wearing up to 24 hours (and are still in the “Super Stay” family) in the shades “Mocha Moves” (a rich cocoa brown matte), “Espresso Edge” (a dark-brown cocoa with gold shimmer), “Mocha Chocolate” (a light milk chocolate brown with gold shimmer), “Caramel Crush” (a light caramel brown matte), “Hushed Hazelnut” (a light hazelnut brown with a gold shimmer), “Chai Once More” (a light nude-brown with gold shimmer).  They come in a double-ended applicator with one end being a moisturizing balm to apply after the lip color dries.  I was glad to see that it came with the lip balm because I felt that the lip color by itself was a little drying which was the only issue I had with these.  All of these are coordinated to go with the liquid lip shades and are all priced at $8.99.  They are all also right on trend with the monochromatic makeup looks being seen everywhere and designed to be interchangeable with each other.  The shades I purchased and my favorites (besides “Mocha Inventor”, “Chai Genius”, and “Hazelnut Hypnotizer” in the 24 hr. sheer gloss-like formula) are “Chai Once More”, (in the 24 hour sheer-like formula as a lip topper) “Hazelnut Hypnotizer”, and “Chai Genius”.  They all have a “micro-flex” technology that stays “thru 200 bites, 120 sips, and countless kisses” and are a matte comfortable formula that has little to no transfer.  Just make sure it is completely dry which will also reduces the slight stickiness.  The Super Stay 16 Hour Liquid Lipsticks have a stronger coffee scent than the Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Colors (the ones that I call the more gloss like) but still have a pleasant light coffee scent.  

I also purchased some of the new Maybelline “Color Strike Cream-To-Powder Eyeshadow Pens” (that were in the same display as the coffee collection lip products) in the shades “Chase” #45 (a matte light milk chocolate brown) and “Spark” #30 (a metallic light peach-champagne) that I thought would go along well in a makeup look with the coffee lip colors.  They also come in eight other shades (which I plan on doing a review on in the very near future) in mattes and shimmers that I want to try more of so I can get an idea of what all of them are like to do a fair review on them in an upcoming post.  But, so far the couple that I did buy I am really liking and love the unique buildable formula and the smooth cream-powder feel to them.

Overall I think the new coffee edition Super Stay lip products from Maybelline are definitely worth purchasing.  They wear great as well as smell delicious and are a perfect way to start celebrating the fall season!

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5 thoughts on “New Fall Makeup Focus: Maybelline’s Super stay Matte Ink “Coffee Edition” Liquid Lipsticks

  1. Coffee: you said the magic word… I must discover if Maybelline did it right but definitely the caffeinated shades and the scents call my attention.
    I’d love to see them swatched before purchasing them!

    xoxo and stay safe


    1. Hi! Glad you enjoyed my blog post. I am learning how to put a double image to my post so I can put more that one image to my post to show swatches and things, etc… In the mean time, I have an Instagram account that shows swatches, etc… of the posts on my blog if you are interested. It is tracymoyersmua. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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      1. My pleasure, Tracy!
        I know, the new WP editor allows more options but it’s still a bit of a pain. If you need any help, just ask. Meanwhile, I’ll come to your Ig page and say ‘hello!’

        xoxo and have a lovely weekend!


      2. Thank you! I am not sure if I like the new block editor but I will try to see where I can put double images to a post for swatches, etc… It has changed since I first learned it a few years ago. I may just take you up on your offer for help! Thanks so much for your kindness!

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