FAll Makeup Focus: Apple Cider Inspired Makeup Look & Shade Ideas

Fall is my favorite season that reminds me of crisp air and first frosts, apple picking, and warm apple cider to warm your bones on those extra chilly days and nights sitting around the fire or curled up with a good book and a cozy blanket inside while it’s cold or snowy outside. Fall colors are also my favorite and what a way to celebrate fall than to represent it in an “apple cider” inspired eye makeup look.

The very loved fall apple cider drink has mostly warm shades of ambers, cinnamons, pale oranges, pale golds, and browns but if creative inspiration is taken from the apple tree and the apple itself you can actually use the colors of those too which can include light peaches, light creams, golds, wheats , bones, yellows, and even some reds and greens in certain shades. For this post though, we’re just going to eye stick with the apple cider drink itself and the shades of it which there are tons of! For a great eye look its in the shading done especially when it’s done in contrast or balance with lighter, darker, or opposite shades on the color wheel that can really make your eye look pop as well as depending on where you put it on your eye using your own original and creative expression that can create whichever look you want whether a bold drama or a soft daytime look.

The list of eyeshadow products and brands you can use are endless but I think there are some exceptional classic and new products (as well as my favorites) to use for an eye look to celebrate this favorite fall drink. Some of the eyeshadow palettes that have the best fall eyeshadow shades in them with both matte and shimmer shades are the “Supreme Nudes” Palette from Artist Couture Cosmetics using the shades “Opulence” (a copper-gold shimmer), “Transcend” (an amber-brown matte), and “Lavish” (an antique gold shimmer), the Natasha Denona “Glam” palette, (in the shade “Smoke”), the Makeup Geek Cosmetics “Fall Harvest” Palette (the foiled shade “Legend” that’s an insanely beautiful copper-gold shimmer), “Bottom Line” (which is a silky satin sable shimmer), and “Cabin Fever” (which is an earthy red-brown matte), the classic fall feels “Toasted” eyeshadow palette from Tarte Cosmetics, (especially the shimmer shades “Crackle” that’s a dark brown-gold and “Simmer” a satin copper), Anastasia Beverly Hills “Soft Glam II” palette, the September Rose Cosmetics “Brew” eyeshadow palette (particularly the matte shades “Ginger and “Cinnamon” that are perfect for an apple cider look), and another classic in the Morphe Cosmetics 350 “Natures Glow” and “Second Nature” palettes that replaced the originals (the original 350 matte and shimmer palettes they used to have a few years ago that were always sold out are as we all know, full of beautiful fall shades if you happened to hang on to those). A couple of the newer palettes out are the new Kash Beauty “Secret Treasure” Eyeshadow Palette (from the new Treasure Collection that I LOVE) with the shades ” Burnt”, “Tomb”, and “Tarnish” (which is a gorgeous tarnished gold metallic). The beautiful Too Faced “Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow Palette from last fall has such buttery and creamy shadows and the shades “Slow Burn” (a burnt-orange brown matte), “Cinnamon Spice” (a gorgeous cinnamon copper-gold shimmer), and “Caramel Apples” (a deep red-brown matte) that are perfect for fall looks. If you want to add a glitter to the look for some extra sparkle the “Duo Goals” Eyeshadow Palettes from last Thanksgiving has a shadow called “Glazed Turkey” that is to die for with a mix of gold, brown, red, and amber glitter that would really make your eye look pop!

For drugstore there are some great single eyeshadow shades from Maybelline, E.L.F., Wet-N-Wild, and Loreal which I think has one of the best amber shades of all time in the shade “Amber Rush” (a beautiful amber-gold shimmer) in the 24 Hour Infallible eyeshadows. The new Ilia Beauty “Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tints” in the shades “Sheen” (a copper-bronze) and “Mystic” (a soft rose-gold with pearl), the new KVD Beauty “Dazzle Vegan Eyeshadow Sticks” in the shades “Electric Bolt” (a “fierce” copper) and “Lightening Strike” (a bronze-gold) are also gorgeous shimmers to use.

There are many different eye looks you can try from the halo eye with the shimmer focused on the lid with darker shades around it on the inner and outer corners on the lid, a light shaded daytime look with just two or three shades like a transition shade, a deeper color in the crease, and just a little darker cinnamon on the outer corners to give it more definition with liner in the upper and lower waterline in a cream, yellow, amber or gold shade, or a smoked out smokey eye look with layered ambers, yellows, and burnt oranges and then smoked out with darker cinnamon browns on the outer corners of the eye and the lower lash line and finally ending with a smudged out black and some amber or gold shimmer on the lid and as the inner corner highlight. You could create a cat eye look with a darker amber or gold shade as the liner on your lid also smudged with black on the outer edges. For a little extra spice or “kick” that can warm you up and the eye look up, you can even follow the brown-golden tones of the liquor bourbon (Urban Decay’s 24 Hour Eye Pencil in the shade “Bourbon” is perfect for this look!).

The apple cider eye looks you can create are endless so get those creative juices flowing and make an apple cider eye look for yourself while enjoying the fall and the loved fall apple cider drink!!!

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3 thoughts on “FAll Makeup Focus: Apple Cider Inspired Makeup Look & Shade Ideas

  1. Lovely theme to your bog……made me want to rush to the store for an apple or cider..
    there were so many choices…… hard for me to choose….they all sounded delicious
    I can see you put a lot of work into this blog…
    The drug store items are in my budget, but the others sounded fabulous
    TKU for your due diligence

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mom!! I like to give people of lot of choices in makeup to choose from. These posts are always longer. I try to describe them so people will feel the colors, etc… so they feel like they are there or are experiencing it. There is so much great drug store makeup out there now.


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