New Makeup Review Focus: The New E.L.F. Putty Blushes

E.L.F. Cosmetics has recently come out with a new product in the “Putty Blushes” that are sisters to the “Putty Primers” (like the best selling “Poreless Putty Primer”) that these new blushes are modeled after. These blushes are in the same “putty” form as the primers and are in some really gorgeous sheer shades from light nude-pinks and corals, to deep berry reds all in the same affordable price range that has made the E.L.F. brand so popular.

The putty formula is really unique in that it’s a “velvety lightweight putty blush that melts into your skin” says E.L.F. as well as being “highly pigmented, lightweight and buildable”, it is also infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E with a “cream to semi-matte powder finish”. So, not only does it enhance your cheeks, it is also good for your skin and what consumer doesn’t love a product that does double duty that looks good and is good for your skin as well. When I swatched them I was really impressed at how smooth and creamy they are and indeed a really smooth cream to powder formula that applies well with a soft blendable finish. They can be used lightly for just a sheer wash of color or built up for a higher color payoff. Personally I like using the fingertips for applying them because the warmth of the skin helps to blend them into the skin better but they can also be applied with a powder blush or duofiber stippling brush with light feathery strokes to blend it into the skin seamlessly. I think its best to let it dry and then apply in layers built up to the intensity you desire. The makeup rule of “dont apply cream over powder” I think can be set aside in this case because with this cream to powder formula that turns into such a smooth powder anyways it would blend well with over other powders on your face as long as you blend it with a stippling or powder brush (or with your fingertips) blending it in before it dries. You can even combine two shades layered together over each other to get your custom blush shade or build a single color up to the intensity you want.

The blushes come in 8 beautifully sheer “beachy-themed” shades like “Tahiti” (a nude rose-pink), “Turks & Caicos” (a peach-pink nude), “Bora Bora” (a light carnation pink), “Fiji” (a rose-pink), “Maldives” (a deep red-brown), “Bahamas” (a coral pink), “Caribbean” (a deep purple-red), “Bali” (a roes-red). They all give off a sheer and colorful sun-kissed healthy glow kind of vibe to the skin for that lit from within look so for those of you that are looking for a more dramatic looking blush, these blushes may not be the ones for you. I think that these blushes are best used for a more natural or daytime look instead of a dramatic night time look (or if you want a more dramatic nighttime look they could be layered with another powder blush on top or with a blush topper). They are definitely highly pigmented and you can feel the Argan and Vitamin E oils in them that is what makes them so moisturizing and creamy but feel light on the skin with no greasy residue.

These blushes are priced at only $6.00 and for the quality for the price (which is the usual wonderful thing about E.L.F. in the great quality of their products) they are well worth the purchase. I love these new blushes and think they are such a good product that I would recommend them to anyone!

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      1. Ohh yesss I’ve heard they are possibly better then the nars ones?! 😍 patiently waiting for them to come to AU 😅🥴💜

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