Fall Makeup Focus: The KKW Camo Palette

Fall is my most favorite season of all and also my most favorite makeup season with all it’s rusts, olives, taupes, ambers, and golds and the change in spring/summer makeup fresh shades and lightweight skin products to more matte formulas with warmer shades and textures. Although the KKW Beauty “Camo” Eyeshadow Palette is not a new release and has been out for a little while, I think the shades in it make it a perfect fall palette.

Until this palette I had never tried any products from KKW Beauty and I have to say I am so impressed with this palette even from the very beginning with just opening the package. When I first felt the palette in my hands it was weighty feeling very luxe and sturdy. It has a a nice mirror that is the full length of the palette containing 12 eyeshadow shades from creams, camels, ambers, olives, and kakis, to taupes and chocolates in a “camo” theme color story. The formula of these shadows is pigmented, smooth, and really blendable with very little kick-up. You can create so many different looks with this palette whether you want a soft neutral day look with the chocolates. creams. and taupes or you want to create an olive green (my favorite) or khaki look and then really it make it pop with some shimmers of gold for a fall day look or a smoky-green night look.

I got this palette right before the rebranding of KKW Beauty when everything was on sale so I’m not sure what the price would be now but I purchased mine for around $35.00 and in my opinion it is worth the splurge for the quality of the total palette and the unique “camo” color story that it has. I am a sucker for olive-green and fall palettes so this palette really spoke to me and with it being such great quality as well as how impressed I am with it, I will definitely be keeping m y eye on other KKW Beauty products in the future!

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