Halloween Bath & Spa Focus: Violet & Suds Halloween Collection

Halloween is such a fun time of year so why not include it into your bath and self “scare” routine as well! It’s a great way to pamper yourself and enjoy the festive season and if you lean a little more towards “thrills & chills” side then Violet & Suds has got you covered for that too with all kinds of assorted scary and creepy products.

The brand Violet & Suds I came across while surfing the internet for bath bombs and Halloween bath products and also saw a mention listed at the bottom of the search page. The Violet & Sud’s products looked so good I thought to myself, “where have these been all my life, have I been living underneath a rock?” But seriously, this one just checked off all the boxes for me in all the areas like creativity, fun, color, scents, and of course hit some of those old nostalgic notes with comforting scents like the homey, warm, and cinnamon smells of apple cider and pumpkin pie that can also keep you calm when one of the products like the “Slasher” bath bomb throws you a curve ball with all it’s creepy blood and guts!! All the colors, creativity, hand made quality, and attention to detail spoke to me and I had to try them! Also, the shipping wouldn’t be a problem and my order would be there by Halloween! I let out a Halloween screech (it scared my cat) I was so happy! Violet and Suds is a great company run by the owner Amethyst who also makes all of the vegan and organic products with 10% of their monthly profit going to the Tiny Paws Kitten Shelter in Stillwater, Oklahoma so you can feel even better while you’re soaking that your purchase goes to such a great cause.

In the candle department there are an assortment of wooden wick candles made of 100% soy in recyclable glass jars! such as “Frog’s Breath” that is scented like sliced fresh strawberries, warm pound cake, and whipped cream, or the “Trick Or Treat” candle that smells like maple glazed pecans, caramel, and festive pumpkin that is “complimented with hints of a buttery, bakery goodness” that sounds so warm and cozy. The Shower Fizzies come in packs of threes that you just put in the bottom of your shower and the water activates the “effervescence.” There are the “Trick Or Treat” shower fizzies that will fill your shower with scents of pecans, caramel, as well as a warming “buttery” smell, or the “Campfire Stories” fizzies that smell of burnt woods, marshmallows, maple sugar and cardamom. For body scrubs, there are the Natural Body Scrubs like the “Potion Shop” body scrub scented with blackberries, autumn fruits, southern sweet tea, and cinnamon brown sugar that is a fun lavender-purple and the “Pumpkin Cookie Dough” body scrub that smells like homemade cookie dough, creamy pumpkin, and cinnamon.

The products I purchased were the hand-made bath bombs like the “It’s Alive” with it’s creepy but sorrowful face like the Frankenstein we all know (after all, he wasn’t the one who put himself together!) who just wanted to be loved and is scented with Frankincense, black oak, and villainous vanilla, the “Summoning Bomb” that looks like it’s some witches have been working on this evil brew (or is it?) all day and is about to spill out with it’s scents of petrified patchouli, lavender, tonka, and creeping cedarweed. Another one I purchased is the infamous and loved Jack Skellington bath bomb called, “The Return Of The Pumpkin King” (who stole everyone’s heart from the Disney movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) that is scented with fresh apples and warm cinnamon. A warm, cozy, homey, and yummy smell! My favorite bath bomb and the one that I saved for last which is also one of my most favorite Halloween movies and legendary scary tales (Sleepy Hollow) of all time the “Sweets Of Sleepy Hollow” bath bomb. Also one of my most favorite Halloween movies of all time with the amazing and creative Tim Burton and his magical movie making. This bath bomb is a beautiful orange and reminiscent of the symbol of the terror of the headless horseman’s horrific reign through Sleepy Hollow with it’s scents of pumpkin pie, whipped “scream”, and brown sugar which smell like HEAVEN and makes your skin so soft!!!

Let me tell you that these bath products are not only perfect for after you’ve gone to a haunted house and had the living daylights scared out of you with your nervous system registering in the “raw”, department, or whether you’ve had a horrendous day at work and you don’t think you can stand on those high heels just one more minute, or you just want to pamper yourself with some self care and spa time maybe adding a few candles just because you deserve it (or however you roll “spa-wise”) these bath products from Violet and Suds with take you to a relaxing and magical place no matter what day you’ve had or whatever your reason may be even if it’s just for the atmosphere and alone time. Their products smell heavenly even before they hit the water (a plus to me in the aromatherapy department), are creative and aesthetically gorgeous, as well as being affordable and help to support a great cause. I definitely recommend everyone giving them a try! It is worth the purchase and you won’t be disappointed!!

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One thought on “Halloween Bath & Spa Focus: Violet & Suds Halloween Collection

  1. Your comments were magificient.
    Copy really long, but maybe that does not matter, the way you wrote the column
    some company should just hire you to write their copy……what wonderful fragrant pages…you Could almost smell everything you wote about
    TKU so much


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