Topic Of The Week Tuesdays: Bronzers

Sometimes the issue of skin can be a sensitive subject.  There are so many views on how to protect the your skin as well as which products to use to decrease and prevent sun damage when it comes to skin care but there’s one thing for sure; bronzer is the safest when it comes to warming up the skin and giving it that summer glow most of us love in the summertime.  When it comes to makeup, bronzer can also be used to contour the face and choosing a bronzer color that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone can accomplish this.  Bronzers should be used on the face with a fluffy brush that is widened for this specific use on the cheek bones and the high points of the face; anywhere that he sun would touch your face!

 There are SO many bronzer products out there to choose from for bronzing and almost every cosmetics line has a bronzer product to accompany their cosmetics. It can be overwhelming.  There are also different “forms” of bronzers and they can come in powder, cream, and gel types.  Depending on the form you like, choose the type of bronzer that best fits your face also taking into account your skin type and choose the best type of applicator to apply it (synthetic brush works best for creams).  There are also bronzers that have a little “extra” sparkle by having  illumination or highlight added to them that can really give you that summer glow.   But, if you stay true to your skin tone as well as the type of skin you have (oily, dry, combination, etc…) you will enjoy bronzers and their effectiveness to match your personal preferences.  So, go ahead and experiment and play around with all those out there and enjoy that “sun-kissed” look this summer!



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