Favorite Tool of the Month: The Double Ended Spatula/Sculpting Tool by Graftobian

The tool that I love this month is the Graftobian Double Ended Spatula/Sculpting tool for mixing product such as foundations, the Makeup Forever 12 Color Flash Palette product, special effects fx product, etc…  There is grip metal in between the ends to hold solidly in your hand as you are mixing product so your fingers won’t slip while using it.  It has two different tool ends for mixing, one flat and one that is pointed that I especially love because it can get into the tightest corners to pick out product from any container.  It is stainless steel and easy to clean as well as being hypoallergenic and sanitary safe for use in makeup product and for clients.  It runs for $6.99 and are usually always in stock.  It’s a great tool I would recommend for any makeup artist, freelance or otherwise.

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