Trending: Glitter Lipsticks/Toppers

Everywhere you look lately it seems there are lipsticks with glitter in them as well as colorful lip products that are being termed as “lip toppers”  In definition are “any lip product that extends , enhances, or changes the lipstick product underneath it.  The first one I really noticed was the lip topper by Jouer Cosmetics called “skinny dip”.  The color of this “topper” is so gorgeous that words hardly do it justice but once I saw it (being a highlighter junkie) my eyes stuck to it like I was hypnotized.  It is a beautiful, metallic, and shimmering nude-pink and is a long wear formula that can be applied on top of any lip color.  The other shade of lip topper, “tan lines”, is a shimmering metallic nude-bronze and just as gorgeous.  They even have coconut oil in them to moisturize the lips (and we all know what the healthy benefits of coconut are).  A brand that I came across that I had not known about called Liptini has a lip topper called “Bellini” (not to be confused with “Bellini” from Dose of Colors lip gloss) that is a peachy-pink shimmer with gold reflect undertones that gives an iridescent, frost, or gold sheen alone or on top of lip color.  

Also, in my opinion and one that is not technically called a “lip topper” (but looks just as gorgeous as any lip topper) IS Dose of Colors (also called “Bellini”) lip gloss that looks especially good over the liquid lipstick it also carries called “Stone”.  Another brand that is not technically called a lip topper but a “lip lacquer” is Laura Mercier’s lip product called a “lip  glace.”  It is a sheer lightweight formula that can also be worn alone or on top of lip color that also provides a shiny sheen or an illuminating shimmer of your choice.  I especially love the colors “Bare Baby” (a bare pink high shine), “Bare Naked”, ( a beige champagne finish) and “Bare Beige” (a light brown shimmer). The relatively new brand by Estee Lauder called the “Estee Edit” has what they call a “lip transformer” that is a matte lipstick formula in a yellow tinted shade called “turn up” that lightens any lipstick color, or a darker shade called “turn down” that deepens any full coverage lipstick on top is also kind of a neat way to change or alter a lipstick color on top.

 The other lip product I got a glimpse of (and am anxiously anticipating) was a product due to launch from Urban Decay (not sure when exactly) that looks like a whitish clear lipstick that once applied on top of a lip product gives a sheer sparkly wash of color on top.  Also the recent lippies launched from them called “The Vintage  Capsule” Collection is one called “Oil Slick” (that I haven’t had the chance to try but can’t wait to) that is sheer but looks to have some sort of sparkle to it.  One from J.D. Glow Cosmetics (that I don’t think has been named yet) and due to launch at some point that looks gorgeous, is a multi-colored iridescent that shade looks to be promising and pretty on top of any  lip color as well as alone.  One more lipstick that I saw from a brand I don’t know called “Stargazer” has a glitter lipstick called “Multi Gazer” Lipstick also looks gorgeous.  Whichever lip product you choose there are many to experiment from and enjoy with the recent trend of lip toppers and glitter lipsticks available on the market.  Have fun!

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