Skin Care Focus: Tatcha’s “The Water Cream”

One of the newest skin care products from Tatcha called “The Water Cream” is a product I have heard of from so many in the beauty market and in social media lately.  Tatcha is a well known skin care brand that to me became more popular on the beauty scene partly because of the very popular beauty Youtuber Jaclyn Hill, and the skin care product called the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist that is one of the best beauty products I have ever used that actually does exactly what is says it will and lives up to it’s name being that the quality of the product actually meets what the price is.

“The Water Cream” is an oil free moisturizer that hydrates with a “water burst” technology that delivers anti-aging and botanical benefits to the skin.  It also claims to tighten pores, clarify the skin, and bring a youthful radiance to the skin with green tea, rice, algae, and a bit of 23 carat gold in it.  Using this I felt like it was very moisturizing with a very lightweight feel and texture to it which I especially like because I can’t stand to have anything oily or heavy feeling on my face even though I have a normal to dry skin type and can take extra moisture.  I do feel like with use over time it did give a pore minimizing or skin tightening effect to the skin while having a light clean fragrance to it that doesn’t over-power your face or sense of smell.  I also liked that even after wearing it for the better part of the day, toward the end it did not get greasy on my skin or cause an oily effect to my t-zone.  I do feel like it did improve the texture of my skin with repeated use and did ease some of the tiny fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead that dryness can sometimes cause.

It is a bit pricey as Tatcha products are and runs for $68.00 containing 1.7 oz. but I did feel like it was worth the price and typical of the quality of the skin care products that Tatcha continually keeps producing and are well known for.  So, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and if you have the money to spend then it is absolutely worth it!

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