Skin Care Focus: Kopari Coconut Products

The Kopari Line is one that I discovered a year ago last summer and ever since I tried them I have fallen in love with their products.  They are a really great line of coconut beauty products from body melts and scrubs to lip balms and facial products such as rose toner and hydrating facial creams all with the wonderful moisturizing and anti-oxidant benefits of coconut.  The product they are probably the most well known for is the “Organic Coconut Melt” which is a heavenly smelling melt of coconut oils and moisturizers in a tub reminiscent of the baking and cooking product Crisco which when applied to your skin melts into a wonderful luxurious body conditioner.  However, it is also a multi-tasker and an all purpose product that can be used on hair , nails as a cuticle conditioner, and lip balm, etc…  I have tried and absolutely love (probably one of my most favorite products in the line) the coconut body glow which is a body moisturizer with a golden glow to it that makes your skin sparkle with a glowing deliciousness look.  I have also tried the “Coconut Crush Scrub” which is a body polisher or scrub that is made up of crushed coconut shells that exfoliates your skin to a velvety soft.

The new products I just purchased from the Kopari line and the products I am focusing on in this post are the “Coconut Body Milk”, the “Coconut Body Oil”, and the “Coconut Sheer Oil”.  The body milk is a creamy-white, rich, moisturizer that is super moisturizing but light and non-greasy that also has a soft and clean heavenly smell of coconut that really leaves your skin silky smooth and soft.  The “Coconut Sheer Oil” is a nice light oil that conditions and softens skin in a sheer light non-greasy way as well (also smelling wonderfully coconut).  The “Coconut Body Oil” is like the “Coconut Sheer Oil” but is a little heavier of a dry oil that absorbs into the skin well and used on it’s own but is also a great body oil for the shower to lock in extra moisture and after rinsing leaves your skin smooth and hydrated without too much of a greasy feeling (and also smelling wonderfully coconut).  It comes out of the bottle in very fine lightweight mist which makes it nice and easy to apply.  The “Coconut Body Oil” goes for $34.00 with 3.4 ounces of product, the “Coconut Sheer Oil” is priced at $44.00 with 1.7 ounces of product, and the “Coconut Body Milk” is $30.00 for 8.5 ounces of product.

There isn’t enough good things I can say about the Kopari coconut skin care line and the continued quality of the products with each purchase I make and with an incredibly beautiful and easy to shop website with great customer service, it only enhances the experience you get with the use of their products also making it a pleasurable shopping experience.

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